Who is Denise Hersing’s Boyfriend? All you need to know

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Denise Hersing was born on December 27, 1996, in the vicinity of Braunschweig, Germany and she has gained notoriety in the reality television industry. The former flight attendant became well-known for her upbeat and quirky demeanor after making guest appearances on the German dating programs “The Bachelor” in 2021 and “Bachelor in Paradise” in 2022.


In 2021, Denise Hersing debuted on reality TV when she chose to join Nico Griesert on “The Bachelor”. Denise, who arrived late to the program in a subsequent episode, infused it with her vibrant enthusiasm. She was charming, but the last rose escaped her, and she did not have the desired relationship with Griesert. The next year, Denise Hersing returned to the reality TV world, unfazed.

Denise Hersing refocused her love goals in 2022, this time on “Bachelor in Paradise.” When Lorik Bunjaku, a former “Bachelorette” contender, won her heart, her romantic journey took a positive turn. After meeting on the show, the pair decided to go on their romance outside of reality TV.

Denise Hersing and Lorik Bunjaku shocked viewers when they appeared on “Competition in Four Walls” in July 2023. As soon as the pair disclosed their marital dynamics to the world, they became more visible, sharing both loving and sometimes contentious moments. In a frank Instagram interview, Bunjaku compared Denise to the “Queen of Drama,” Paris Hilton, amid accusations that he had flirted with other women. This escalated the drama to new heights.

In October 2023, the couple’s relationship had a major test when they were cast in the fourth season of “Temptation Island VIP.” The structure of the reality program exposed some hidden realities by testing relationships. Denise reevaluated their relationship’s prospects when Lorik disclosed that they had been privately celebrating. Mimi Gwozdz, Kader Loth, and Jana-Maria Herz, three other contestants, supported Denise when she decided to call it quits on the romance.

Unexpectedly, Denise Hersing declared on the reunion program that she and Lorik Bunjaku were open to resuming their relationship despite their difficulties on “Temptation Island VIP.” The turbulent path of romance, drama, and self-awareness demonstrated Denise Hersing’s fortitude and will to successfully negotiate the difficulties of reality TV romance.

Who is Denise Hersing’s Boyfriend?

Although Denise Hersing has been in a relationship before, she is currently single. She was in a relationship with her ex-partner Lorik Bunjaku.




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