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Who Is Brie Larson Husband. June 2023

Brie Larson, an actress and activist who has won an Academy Award, has captivated people all over the world with her strong acts and lively personality.

Larson is best known for playing Captain Marvel, but she has shown that she is not only a fighter on screen but also a strong person in real life. But who is the lucky guy whose wife is Brie Larson?

Let’s figure out what’s going on and learn more about Brie Larson’s husband and how they met and fell in love.

The Beginning: Who is Brie Larson’s Husband?

Elijah Allan-Blitz is a talented director, actor, and singer. He is married to Brie Larson. The first reports about them dating started in 2019 when they were seen together at different events. Eventually, their romance was made official, and since then, they haven’t been apart.

Elijah Allan-Blitz has made a name for himself as a director of virtual reality (VR) projects like The Messy Truth VR Experience, which starred Winston Duke, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Brie Larson herself.

Who Is Brie Larson Husband

A Match Made in Hollywood

The skilled couple has a strong bond because they both love to tell stories, do good things, and make art. Both Brie and Elijah are known for using their platforms to bring attention to social and environmental problems.

They have worked on several projects together, including a virtual reality experience about being locked up alone that will be shown for the first time at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2020. They continue to push limits and inspire change through their work.

The way Brie Larson and Elijah Allan-Blitz treat each other shows how much love and support can do. The couple often posts sweet messages and pictures of each other on social media to show how much they love and care for each other.

Brie told The Hollywood Reporter that Elijah was her rock while they were shooting Captain Marvel. She said, “He was just a constant source of support and love, and he believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself.”

Elijah has also said that he admires Brie, praising her for how hard she works at her job and how active she is. In an Instagram post, he said, “Watching her work is like taking a master class in planning, hard work, and sticking with something even when it gets hard. To know her is to be constantly moved by how much she can love and care for others.

The Secret Wedding: Brie and Elijah Tie the Knot

When Brie Larson and Elijah Allan-Blitz got married in a private wedding in 2022, it was a surprise to their fans. The pair was able to keep their wedding plans secret, and the news didn’t get out until after they were already married. Later, Brie posted beautiful pictures of their small party, which showed a beautiful outdoor setting and the couple’s obvious love for each other.

Brie wrote in an Instagram post, “Our love has always been holy and private. We both picked the same way to celebrate our marriage. Surrounded by nature, family, and a small group of close friends, we made a promise to keep growing, learning, and helping each other on this trip called life.”

Who Is Brie Larson Husband

A Future Together: Brie and Elijah’s Plans

As Brie Larson and Elijah Allan-Blitz continue their journey as husband and wife, fans can expect to see more exciting projects from the couple, both separately and together. The two have shown that they work well together, and their shared love of art and action will probably lead to more groundbreaking work in the future.

Elijah has said that he wants to keep working in virtual reality and that he wants to focus on stories that make people feel love and understanding. In the meantime, Brie has a lot of projects coming up. One of them is the sequel to Captain Marvel, in which she will play Carol Danvers again.

Brie has also tried her hand at directing. Her first full-length movie, “Unicorn Store,” came out on Netflix in 2019. She is supposed to keep getting better behind the camera and show off more of her many talents.

Brie and Elijah have also agreed to use their positions to raise awareness about social and environmental issues. They both work to promote gender equality, LGBTQ+ rights, and awareness of climate change.

They often use their social media accounts to talk to fans and spread the word about these important topics. The couple has also shown they care about social justice by supporting groups like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Equal Justice Initiative.

Who Is Brie Larson Husband


Brie Larson and Elijah Allan-Blitz are one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. Their relationship is strong because they both love stories, action, and art. This makes them a great match on and off-screen.

Fans can look forward to seeing more of their love story as they continue to work on new projects and use their power to bring about change. Brie and Elijah’s commitment to each other and their shared beliefs show that love is strong, and their journey as a married couple is just getting started.

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