Who are Jella Haase’s Parents? Meet her father and mother

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German actress Jella Haase was born in Berlin-Kreuzberg on October 27, 1992. She has received praise for her roles in several feature films and television shows. Haase, who is well-known for her adaptability and capacity to play a variety of characters, has grown to prominence in the German entertainment sector.

Early Life and Career

Growing up in Berlin-Kreuzberg, Haase’s career as an actor began at a young age. Although her mother, a dentist, pursued a career in medicine, Haase ultimately discovered her passion on stage. She began her career as a young performer in drama theater and soon after showed that she was talented and had a passion for the performing arts.

Jella Haase debuted in the film industry in 2009 at the age of 15, directing the short film “Der letzte Rest.” Her first significant part in the television movie “Mama kommt!” was the result of this early exposure, which set the stage for a successful career.

Haase’s skill and commitment led to her participation in several TV shows. Notable roles were hers in “Polizeiruf 110” and “Alpha 0.7 – Der Feind in dir,” where she featured in six episodes in 2010.

When Jella Haase was featured in the movie “Men in the City 2” in 2011, it was a turning point in her career. Nonetheless, she gained considerable acclaim for her appearances in two influential films. Haase gave performances that won her the Bavarian Film Award for Best Young Actress in 2012. She appeared in two films directed by Ziska Riemann: “Lollipop Monster” (2011), which was her directorial debut, and “Combat Girls” (2011), which was David Wnendt’s investigation into neo-Nazis. Haase also starred in both.

Haase took on a difficult part in the 2013 movie “Puppenspieler,” where she played a teenage prostitute caught up in a convoluted blackmail scheme. She won the Günter-Strack-Television Award for Best Actress for her outstanding performance. The same year, she starred in Bora Dağtekin’s comedy film “Fack ju Göhte,” as the unforgettable teenage character Chantal Ackermann. She was nominated for the 2014 German Film Award for Best Actress in a Supporting portrayal as a result of this portrayal.

In the Netflix comedy-drama espionage series “Kleo,” which debuted in 2022, Jella Haase maintained her impressive performance as a starring actress. Because of the show’s popularity, a second season was renewed, confirming Haase’s position as a rising star in the global streaming scene.

Haase’s versatility beyond live-action performances was further demonstrated when she voiced Violetta in “My Fairy Troublemaker,” adding to her repertory.

Who are Jella Haase’s Parents?

There is not much information about Jella Haase’s parents. Her mother is a dentist.




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