What Is Carmen Geiss’s Biography, Age, Height

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Carmen Geiss has proven herself to be a multi-talented individual who excels in various spheres. Whether it’s as a fitness trainer, television personality, singer, or businesswoman, Geiss continues to leave her mark.

Her dedication to fitness, entertainment, and entrepreneurship has made her a respected figure in the industry. With her family by her side, she has managed to build a successful career and create a life of glamour and success.

Carmen Geiss’s Biography

Carmen Geiss is a German fitness trainer, model, former television actress, singer, and entrepreneur.

Geiss has built a reputation for herself in a variety of industries, ranging from the entertainment industry to business operations.

Geiss is from Cologne and rose to prominence in 1982 when she was named “Miss Fitness.” Her passion for exercise led her to become a fitness trainer, where she used her knowledge to help others achieve their health and wellness goals. Rudi Carrell, a television personality, noticed her dedication to fitness and requested her to appear on his show, Rudi’s Holiday Show, which aired from 1994 to 1996.

Geiss married businessman Robert Geiss in 1994, with whom she has two children, Davina (born in 2003) and Shania (born in 2004). Geiss used to work as a saleswoman for her husband’s company.

Her career took a different turn when she co-starred with Robert in the television show The Geissens – A Terribly Glamorous Family. The show, which chronicles the Geiss family’s daily lives, has been a huge success. Geiss even sang the theme song, Jet Set, on the broadcast.

Geiss dabbled in music in addition to her television job. She co-wrote her memoirs with her husband, Robert, and ghostwriter Andreas Hock. Nothing Comes From Nothing is a book that chronicles their journey to prosperity. Geiss’ solo song, My City Miami, entered the Spiegel bestseller list in 2013.

Geiss hasn’t limited herself to the entertainment industry. She started her own fitness and nutrition programme in 2014, which she actively promotes.

She is also the managing director of Roberto Geissini Verwaltungs GmbH, the management business behind the Roberto Geissini fashion label. Geiss co-owns the business with her husband, combining their entrepreneurial skills and love of fashion.

Apart from her professional achievements, Geiss has made significant personal investments. She and her husband purchased a home near Monaco in 2022, as well as a country property near St. Tropez and an apartment in Dubai.

Carmen Geiss’s Age

Carmen Geiss is 58 years old as she was born on May 5, 1965.

What Is Carmen Geiss’s Height

Carmen Geiss has a height that stands at 1.68m

Who Is Carmen Geiss’s Husband

Carmen Geiss is happily married to his husband, Robert Geiss

Who Are Carmen Geiss’s Children

Carmen Geiss is a proud mother of two children, Davina Shakira Geiss and Shania Tyra Geiss

What Is Carmen Geiss’s Net Worth?

Carmen Geiss’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.




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