Water Heater Price in Ghana


In this article, I am going to give you the price of a water heater in Ghana, as well as other necessary information worth knowing about water heaters.

We will start by looking at what a water heater is. Then we will turn our attention to different types of water heaters and their prices on the Ghanaian market.

A water heater does exactly what it says on the tin: it warms the water. Shower, wash your hands, cook, and clean with this water.

It warms up cold water coming from a water supply line. When you turn on a faucet or start the washing machine, it sends water all-around your house. Water heaters are used to heat potable water (clean and safe for cooking and cleaning).

Tanked and tankless water heaters are the two types of water heaters.

A water heater with a tank receives cold incoming water and warms it indirectly inside the tank using a gas burner or electric heating rods.

When the water has achieved the desired temperature, the water heater stores it in the tank until you use the sink or shower.

The water heater will “deliver” hot water, which will mix with cold water, to your sink or shower, depending on how much you turn the hot water handle.

This is accomplished by using the pressure in your pipes: when you switch on the sink or shower, cold water is pumped into the water heater, which then moves the warmer water through the pipes and to your faucet.

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Instead of storing water in a tank, a tankless water heater heats it instantly. A tankless water heater heats the water entering your shower or sink as soon as you turn on the water and choose the desired temperature.

Water heaters that are tank-style are available in both gas and electric. In most houses, these are the most prevalent types of water heaters.

They work on a similar basis, with the exception of their respective heat sources. Regardless of the heating mechanism, the following procedure must be followed.

Water enters your home through the main water line. The pipe splits just before the water heater into two independent channels that make up your home’s water intake system.

You open the hot water faucet. The shut-off valve is opened, and cold (but soon to be hot) water travels through the dip tube and into the water heater tank.

The water is heated according to the thermostat setting by the heating mechanism at the bottom of the tank.

The freshest water is pushed to the bottom of the tank, while the hottest water climbs to the top.

As a result, you turned on the hot water tap, and more water poured into the tank via the dip tube.

As new cold water enters the tank, the hot water at the top of the tank is displaced under great pressure. The hot water is piped up to the hot water tap via the heat-out pipe.


Water Heater Price in Ghana

The prices of water heaters in Ghana vary according to the type and quality of the water heater.

We went through some renowned real stores and online shops in Ghana Below are the prices of various ranges of water heaters on the Ghanaian market. You can visit any of these stores and get your water heater today.

Jumia Online

  1. Baymak BT 7000 Bathroom Instant Water Heater – White

Price: GH₵650.00

2. Mini Tankless Electric Shower 3S Instant Hot Water Heater Kitchen Bathroom

Price: GH₵266.00

3. Electric Faucet Tap Hot Water Heater Instant For Home

Price: GH₵169.00

4. Electric Faucet Water Heater Mini Household Instant Fast Heating

Price: GH₵321.00

5. 220v Electric Bathroom Shower Hot Water Home Heater

Price: GH₵1, 263.00


Jiji Online

  1. Water Heater

Price: GH₵2,800.00

2. Available Instant Water Heaters

Price: GH₵750.00


Price: GH₵550.00

4. Ariston Andris Made in Italy Water Heater

Price: GH₵1,499.00


GhanaBuySell Online

  1. Electric Water Heater

Price: GH₵550.00

2. MIDEA 100L Water Heater

Price: GH₵700.00

3. Midea Water Heater 50LTR

Price: GH₵450.00

4. Solar Water Heater 400ltr

Price: GH₵9,500.00

Reapp Online


Price: GH₵600.00


Price: GH₵799.00


Price: GH₵860.00


Price: GH₵390.00


Melcom Ghana


Price: GH₵ 549.00





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