WASSCE 2022 Grading System. What You Should Know

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You are about to discover everything that you need to know about the WASSCE 2022 grading system. Expect to get more other information as you make progress in this post.

For instance, in this post you will come across some interesting facts about WASSCE, WAEC, etc. 

Keep reading further for more discoveries!


WASSCE stands for: West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination. WASSCE is the paramount examination (exam) that senior high school candidates undertake to get entries in West African universities. 

WASSCE is regulated or conducted by a prestigious examination body known as WAEC (West Africa Examination Council).

About WAEC

As indicated earlier, The West Africa Examination Council (WAEC), a committee founded in 1952, is an independent examination body mandated to regulate The West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE). 

The West Africa Examination Council largely impart education in West Africa in a manner that, it has funds contributed to support candidates with financial constraints, who have good grades or performances, to go after their dream careers at the universities of their choices.

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Summary: WAEC WASSCE Grading System & Marking Scheme

  • To begin, WAEC is the principal examining body authorized by regulatory authorities to carry on exam for senior high students all over the West African Sub-region. Hence, the West Africa Examination Council grades students and certify them for more advanced academic pursuits.
  • Then again, the final grade WAEC gives to students is xdetermined by the student’s continuous assessment records in school and then also, plus what the student obtain in his or her final exams.
  • To end, all tertiary educational institutions have their own admission requirements which are usually determined by facilities available and, statutory regulations. Hence, legislations of every country put up certain minimum admission requirements on tertiary institutions. For instance, here in Ghana, the highest aggregate one can use to gain admission into any tertiary educational institution is aggregate 24. 

Without any ado, let’s go over how to calculate WASSCE grades. Perhaps more will be talked about the WASSCE 2022 Grading System.


Grading System For WASSCE

With respect to the new WAEC grading system, A1 can be interpreted as Excellent, B2 as Very Good, B3 as Good, C4, C5 and C6 as Credit, D7 and D8 as Pass and, F9 as Fail.

WASSCE Grading System By Percentage

A1 Excellent    75% – 100%

B2 Very good   70% – 74%

B3 Good            65%- 69%

C4 Credit         60% – 64%

C5 Credit         55% – 59%

C6 Credit         50% – 54%

D7 Pass            45% – 49%

E8 Pass            40% – 44%

F9 Failure       0% – 39%

WASSCE Grading System — Interception

A1         1        EXCELLENT

B2          2        VERY GOOD

B3          3        GOOD

C4          4        CREDIT

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C5          5       CREDIT

C6          6       CREDIT

D7         7       PASS

E8         8       PASS

F9         9       FAIL

WAEC Grading And Interpretation In Percentage

A1        Excellent        75 – 100

B2        Very Good     70 – 74

B3        Good              65 – 69

C4        Credit           60 – 64

C5       Credit          55 – 59

C6       Credit         50 – 54

D7      Pass           49 – 45

E8      Pass          40 – 44

F9      Fail           0 – 39

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