Tonali Girlfriend. Meet Juliette Pastore

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Sandro Tonali, born on May 8, 2000, in Lodi, Italy, is a young and promising Italian footballer who has been making waves in the football world. Known for his exceptional skills on the pitch, Tonali has captured the attention of fans and scouts alike. While his professional career is impressive, his personal life, including his girlfriend, adds an interesting dimension to his story.

Early Life

Sandro Tonali’s journey in the world of football began in his hometown of Lodi, where he developed a passion for the sport at a young age. His talent quickly became apparent, and he joined the Brescia Calcio youth academy, where he honed his skills and rose through the ranks.

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At the age of just 17, Tonali made his Serie B debut on the professional scene in August 2017 with Brescia Calcio. His efforts won him accolades, and the squad quickly turned to him as a vital member. Tonali was a key player in Brescia’s 2019 promotion to Italy’s premier football league, Serie A after the team won the championship.

Due to his achievements, Sandro Tonali attracted the attention of other teams, and in September 2020 he signed with AC Milan, one of the most illustrious football teams in Italy. His career took a big turn when he moved to Milan, and he never stopped impressing with his Serie A play.

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Tonali became the most expensive Italian footballer ever when he signed a five-year contract with Newcastle United in July 2023, paying an estimated €70 million in transfer fees.

On July 18, he played in a testimonial match for Newcastle, and on August 12, he scored his first Premier League goal in a 5-1 victory over Aston Villa. But in October 2023, Newcastle declared that Tonali was being looked into for possible illicit betting activities by the Italian Football Federation and the Italian Prosecutor’s Office.

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He was given a 10-month football suspension on October 26 for breaking Italian betting laws, in addition to an additional eight months of gambling treatment. He would be unable to play for the rest of the season and UEFA Euro 2024 as a result of this punishment.

Who is Tonali’s Girlfriend?

Juliette Pastore is the girlfriend of Tonali. They started dating in 2019 at Brescia.



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