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Tom Sandoval Net Worth: How Rich Is He?. June 2023

Tom Sandoval is an American actor, social media star and model from St.Louis, Missouri. His parents are Anthony Sandoval, who is a businessman and Terri Green who is a homeworker.

Tom Sandoval isn’t the only child of his parents but has a brother called Brian Sandova.

He was born on July 7, 1983 in the United States of America and would turn 40 in July 2023. Tom Sandova stands at 1.8 meters and he weighs about 80kg. He has been in a long-term relationship with Ariana Madix who is an American television personality, actress, model and author but they are not yet married.

It is believed that Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix started dating in 2013 but have had to separate due to claims of cheating. Tom Sandoval is suspected to be cheating with Raquel Leviss even though he has not confirmed that claim.The claims of cheating which resulted in the break up made huge headlines in March, 2023.

During the time Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix were together,they never had any children as Ariana Madix is said to have indicated that she had her eggs frozen.

Tom Sandoval developed the love for acting at a very tender age and had made his way to the top so far as acting in the United States of America is concerned. He played a role in Playing With Fire and also played the role of  Doug in the film Alien Presence.

Tom Sandoval is also known for his involvement with the Bravo Reality Television series, Vanderpump Rules for about seven years. Some of the films and movies he has starred in include The Pit And The Pendulum, Puppet Master: Axis Of Evil, 23 Minutes To Sunrise, and Behind Your Eyes, among others.

Regardless of his busy schedule, Tom Sandoval is very active on social media. He has over 957,000 followers on his verified Instagram account.

Tom Sandoval Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Tom Sandoval is estimated to be worth over $4 million and he has as much as $2 million stuck in real estate.

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