The history of Australian Rules football

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Australian rules football is a sport with a fascinating history. You have a chance to make any onlinebet on on all kinds of teams from this discipline too.


Everything starts with a guy called Tom Wills. Back in the 1850s, he wanted to find an activity that could allow cricket players to stay fit during the off-season. This can be seen as the moment when the sport was born. If you like Australian rules football, you can discover any online bet on the 1xBet website on its matches too.

Professionalizing the sport

Fast forward to 1859, and Melbourne hosts the first-ever match in its lush parklands. By the late 1800s, footy fever is spreading like wildfire across the country. Clubs are popping up left and right, and in 1897, the Victorian Football League (VFL) struts onto the scene with heavy hitters like Essendon and Collingwood. You can discover a bet line now on 1xBet, where different Australian rules football competitions are available.


The game evolves over time. The mark, that cool move where a player catches the ball clean as a whistle, is born in 1870. Imagine leaping like a kangaroo to snatch that ball. The oval-shaped ball makes its debut in 1880, adding a quirky twist to the game. You can perform a line bet now on 1xBet on great performances from different players too.


In the 1920s, the spreads beyond Victoria, reaching places such as:


  • South Australia;
  • Western Australia;
  • and New South Wales.


Several interstate matches amp up the rivalry, and State of Origin footy becomes a highlight.

The AFL is born

In 1987, the VFL transforms into the Australian Football League (AFL), taking the game to a national level with new teams joining the mix. Fast forward to today, and we’ve got 18 teams duking it out for glory. The live betting line only on 1xBet features wagers on all squads that participate in the AFL too.


Let’s discuss some numbers. The AFL Grand Final, the holy grail of Aussie Rules, pulls in massive crowds. Think hundreds of thousands of fans cramming into the legendary Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). TV audiences can be counted in the millions too.


Players become legends, such as Leigh Matthews, Gary Ablett Sr., and nowadays, the mighty Dustin Martin. Records are made and broken. The highest-ever attendance at an AFL match was an incredible 121,696 fans at the 1970 Grand Final. You can use the live betting line only on the 1xBet platform whenever these great matches are played too.

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