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Swimming Pool Prices In Ghana. Full Details. June 2023

Swimming pools provide not just aesthetic appeal to a home, but also increase its worth. Although many people would like to have swimming pools in their houses, it is sometimes prohibitively expensive.

Due to the recent state of Ghana’s economy, it has been difficult for individuals to buy swimming pools. Swimming pools are considered to be a luxury item. They’re frequently located in affluent neighbourhoods, as well as hotels and guesthouses.

Nonetheless, if you are still thinking of building a swimming pool in your home, then this is the right place to be. 

In this article, we will take you through the cost of building a swimming pool in Ghana. So stay tuned to make sure you are well informed. 

Benefits Of Having A Swimming Pool

Below are some of the benefits of having a swimming pool in your home. 

  • Swimming is Great Exercise
  • Treat & Prevent Injuries
  • Stress Relief
  • Host the Best Get-Togethers
  • Raise Strong Swimmers
  • Adds Visual Appeal & Value to Your Home
  • Enjoy More Quality Time

Swimming Pool Prices In Ghana

The cost is determined by the size, kind, and extras of the pool, but in average, a swimming pool can cost anywhere from $20,000 to half a million dollars, depending on your needs and, of course, your wallet in Ghana.

What To Consider When Building A Swimming Pool

A pool can be built in almost any place. It doesn’t matter where you are; all you need is some open space. Because access to some locations is limited, you may have to dig by hand rather than utilizing an excavator, which can be time-consuming. Even if the land is rocky or swampy, an expert builder will be able to overcome these obstacles.

Ways To Take Care Of A Pool

Below are some of the ways of maintaining a pool to make sure the water inside is always clean and fresh.

  • Skim Off Leaves and Debris
  • Vacuum the Pool
  • Brush Sediment from Pool Walls regularly.
  • Keep Your Pump Running all the time.
  • Check filter and backwash as needed.
  • Test pool water and add chemicals regularly. 

Pool Construction Companies In Ghana

Below are some construction companies in Ghana that can build you the pool of your dream if you have the financial muscle to build it.

  • Casapulo Ghana Ltd.
  • Waterloft pools and construction
  • Unique pools and construction ltd.
  • Blue Haven pools
  • Becca pools and recreation.
  • Desjoyaux Ghana
  • Fiber Glass Ghana
  • HDC Ghana Ltd. 


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