Suave Perfume Price In Ghana


Suave perfume is a renowned perfume that is treasured by several people. There have been several reviews on Suave Perfume. This proves how efficient the perfume is. Now, get to know more about Suave Perfume in this post: the notes, pricing and etc.

About Suave Perfume

Suave Perfume comes with unique notes. For instance: pepper, bergamot, patchouli, geranium, vetiver, pink pepper, elemi, cedar, labdanum, ambroxan and etc.

Based on the note composition, there are varieties of Suave perfume. Examples include: suave perfume spray, suave suspenso, suave intense, fragrance world, etc. 

How To Choose The Best Perfume

If you are new to the fragrance world, then this guide will assist you to land your potential best perfume. However, if you are already a perfume master, then go through this guide to beef up your skills. 

Walk across the street and you will find yourself overpowered by many perfume scents. You might ask, what’s their secrets, how did they get these perfumes? Check the clues below to understand that better. 

Choose Your Notes

The first thing to do when you come across a perfume is to check the notes. 

Perfumes or colognes have different “notes” and, these notes aid in determining their gross scents. For example, a perfume considered floral may come with varied scent notes like gardenia, geranium or rose. Again, a fruitier one may contain undertones of citrus or apple also exist. Moreover, exotic perfumes may contain spicy notes like star anise or cinnamon.

Men’s scents have different notes as well. Musk scent contain a heavier, intense masculine tone. Your duty now is to learn more about the different notes used in making colognes or perfume so as to get a clear idea of which ones will suit your personality.

Choose A Concentration

Four levels of perfume concentrations exist. Usually, the higher the level, the pricier it is.

The first level, the highest level is called perfume or parfum. It can last all day with just a single application. The second level is called eau de parfum. It can last for about six hours. The third level is called eau de toilette. It requires more applications within the day. The last level is called eau de cologne. It lasts for just two hours. 

Test The Fragrance

Usually, before you buy the perfume, make sure to try a bit of it on your skin.

Price Of Suave Perfume In Ghana

Depending on the type of Suave Perfume you need, you should budget around GH¢ 90 — GH¢ 200. 

Suave fragrance world costs around GH¢ 100 — GH¢ 150. Suave Intense costs around GH¢ 90 — GH¢ 100. Suave Suspenso costs around GH¢ GH¢ 200 — GH¢ 150. 

Does BossLady Cosmetics Sell Suave Perfume?

You can purchase varieties of perfumes from BossLady Cosmetics at even a wholesale price. You can reach them thru +233 24 164 8023 for your Suave Perfume. 

Bosslady Cosmetics equally sell all kinds of body creams and hair care products. 

Where To Buy Suave Perfume

To purchase Suave Perfume, check the following outlets:

  • BossLady Cosmetics
  • Jiji Ghana
  • Jumia Ghana
  • Tonaton Ghana
  • And etc. 
  • Amazon
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