Steffen Henssler Mother’s Cause Of Death; Full Details

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Steffen Henssler is a well-known chef who is known when it comes to the Culinary world in Germany as well as other parts of the world.

In today’s article we delve into his life and that of his mother as we enquire more into his biography and how his mother died when he was just nine years old.

Steffen Henssler Biography

Steffen Henssler, born on September 27, 1972, in Neuenbürg im Schwarzwald, is a renowned German chef, cookbook author, television chef, and entertainer.

His distinctive cooking style, which is influenced by Californian and Japanese cuisine, has had a huge impact on the culinary world.

Henssler was raised in a simple home and initially resided in Pinneberg with his mother.

However, tragedy struck when he was only nine years old and his mother passed away. After that, he moved to Hamburg, where his father ran a restaurant. Henssler’s love of cooking was fueled by his early exposure to the restaurant business.

Henssler pursued a culinary apprenticeship at the famous Bargum restaurant Andresens Gasthof after completing his secondary education.

He gained a firm basis in culinary methods and knowledge from this restaurant, which received a renowned Michelin star.

Henssler chose to specialise in sushi and enrolled at the Japanese Master-run California Sushi Academy in Los Angeles because he was eager to learn new techniques and cuisines.

He received top grades and graduated from the academy as the first German “Professional Sushi Chef”. Then, while working in various American restaurants, Henssler obtained great expertise.

After moving back to Hamburg, Henssler worked with his father to launch the “Henssler Henssler” restaurant in 2001.

This business endeavour was a spectacular success and gave Henssler the chance to demonstrate his talent as a chef and his love of sushi. He increased his visibility in the restaurant business in 2009 by opening “ONO by Steffen Henssler” in Hamburg.

Henssler launched his third restaurant, “Ahoi,” in 2017, after opening a cooking school/event space named “Hensslers Küche” in 2015.

These businesses prepared the way for him to start a number of additional eateries under the same name that served fast meals and snacks, mostly in northern German cities.

In December 2018, Henssler’s fourth restaurant, “Henssler GO,” which offers sushi delivery and specialises in Japanese food, launched. Ahoi in Wismar, his most recent addition, brings the total number of Ahoi restaurants to twelve.

In addition to his outstanding culinary accomplishments, Henssler has established himself in the television sector. In 2004, he made his television debut on NDR in a series of cameo roles with Rainer Sass.

He later went on to host his own cooking programme, “Hensslers Küche,” which debuted in 2006 and featured cuisine with influences from California and Japan.

Since 2007, Henssler has hosted the cooking programme “Ganz & Gar Henssler,” taking over the time slot formerly occupied by Tim Mälzer. VOX was drawn to Henssler’s talent and enthusiasm.

Later, he joined the cast of ZDF’s “Die Küchenschlacht” from 2008 to 2010, and he had guest appearances on “Lanz kocht!” and “Kocharena” on VOX. Henssler hosted the ZDF cooking programme “Topfgeldjäger” from 2010 to 2014.

He started hosting the well-liked cooking competition show “Grill den Henssler” on VOX in 2013 and pitted three celebrities against trained chefs.

Henssler relocated to RTL in 2014, where he hosted the “Henssler cooking show behind bars” and took over the programme “Der Restauranttester.”

He also hosted “Schlag den Henssler” on ProSieben from 2017 to 2018 and “Hensslers Countdown – Cooking at the Limit” on RTL in 2020.

Henssler is a successful chef and television personality, yet he prioritises his family, having a sister and three younger brothers.

He has two daughters from various relationships and was formerly married. At the moment, Henssler lives in Hamburg-Uhlenhorst.

With his inventive approach to cooking and his alluring presence on television, Steffen Henssler has irrevocably changed the culinary landscape. His love of food and commitment to his art continue to inspire young chefs and amuse audiences all around the world.

Steffen Henssler Mother’s Cause Of Death

Steffan Henssler’s mother is known to have died when he was just nine years old however the cause of her death is unknown.




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