Stefanie Stahl stroke: All You Need To Know

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Stefanie Stahl is a German psychologist and author. Some of her publications include Life can also be easy! Ellert & Richter , Hamburg 2011,From jein to yes! Ellert & Richter , Hamburg 2014,Yes No Maybe! Kösel-Verlag, Munich 2014 as well as The child in you must find a home. Kailash-Verlag, Munich 2015.

Others are That’s me! Ellert & Richter, Hamburg 2016, Everyone is related. Kailash-Verlag, Munich 2017, This is how you strengthen your self-esteem. Ellert & Richter, Hamburg 2018 and Who we are. Kailash-Verlag, Munich 2022.

Who is Stefanie Stahl

Stefanie Stahl was born in Hamburg, Germany and her parents were  Walter Stahl and Mona Stahl. Walter Stahl was a lawyer whereas Mona Stahl was a naturopath.

She had her education at the Albert Schweitzer High School and successfully completed in 1983. She proceeded to the University of Trier and between 1984 and 1990, she studied psychology at the University.

She works as a psychologist and had the opportunity to work as psychological expert at the court. Stefanie Stahl worked as psychological expert at the court till 2014.

On a regular basis, Stefanie Stahl has been organizing and holding seminars and normally talks on the subject of Fear of Commitment and Self-Esteem in German-speaking countries.

She wrote the book titled Jein! Recognize and overcome fears of commitment to discuss the issue of Fear of Commitment. Life can also be simple!, which was published in 2011 addressed the issue of Self-Esteem.

With respect to her writing. Stefanie Stahl started writing in 2003 and her first book was So bin ich haben. She wrote the book together with Melanie Alt, her friend.

So bin ich haben was published in 2005 and the revised edition was released in 2016.

Her book, The child in you must find a home, became Spiegel’s number 1 bestseller of the year in the guidebook category in 2016 after it was published in November 2015.

Her latest book Who We Are was published by Kailash Verlag in October 2022.

Stefanie Stahl age

Stefanie Stahl was born on December 27, 1963, in Hamburg, Germany. She is currently 59 years. She would turn 60 years on December 27, 2023.

Has Stefanie Stahl had a Stroke

There is no information to suggest that Stefanie Stahl has had a stroke. It is believed that she is in good health.

As a  psychologist, psychotherapist, author and podcaster, Stefanie Stahl indicates that her job is her calling and she has the intention to encourage people to deal with their own psyche.

She believes that it is better for people to know and understand themselves as it helps to shape them in a positive way.

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