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Side Mirror Glass Replacement. All You Need to Know. June 2023

Accidents do happen, but they shouldn’t ruin our entire life. Your side mirror is a very important part of your vehicle as it helps you to monitor the sides of the vehicle.

In this post, I bring you a complete guide on how to replace your side mirror glass in New Zealand. This could be a DIY kind of job, but I will always recommend you see a professional if you have no idea of the entire process.

How much to replace a side mirror in New Zealand?

There is no fixed price for side mirror replacement, the extent of damage determines how much you’re going to spend fixing it.

The cost of replacing a side mirror in New Zealand can vary depending on many factors, including the model and make of your car and the kind of mirror glass required, and the location you will take your vehicle to repair. The cost to replace the glass on a side mirror for New Zealand ranges from NZ$50 to around $200.

If you have a comprehensive insurance policy for the replacement of a side mirror, the cost to replace the side mirror’s glass could be covered by your policy, however, you may have to pay an excess, or deductible.

To obtain an estimate that is accurate of the cost of replacing the side mirror glass make contact with an auto repair shop near you or a glass expert. They can give you a price that is based on the specifics of your vehicle and the kind of mirror glass needed.

If your mirror assembly as a whole is still intact but the glass is cracked, broken, or missing, start by finding your replacement mirror. This will help you save costs by ditching the idea of replacing the whole unit.


Where to Buy Side Mirror Glass Replacement Parts

Side mirrors for your vehicle can be shopped on Amazon or a local auto parts shop in Wellington

Christchurch and other places.


What to do before you replace your side mirror glass

These are very important notes to consider when you plan of changing the side mirror of your vehicle.

  • Always know the manufacturer’s specifications of your vehicle before you start. If you’re not completely comfortable doing that job, we’ll recommend you get a professional technician or mechanic in your area to help you out.
  • Shop for a replacement


Steps to replace the side mirror of your vehicle

Before you undertake any of the steps outlined here, we encourage you to consult a certified mechanic who can adequately advise you of the proper repair or remedy required.

Ghana Insider and its affiliates disclaim any responsibility for injury or damage resulting from fixing/replacing your vehicle’s side mirror.

  1. Remove the old backing plate and whatever bits of glass are left attached to it as a whole. NB: detach the wires involved before removing the old backing plate.
  2. If your replacement mirror is a stick-on mirror, you want to remove as much of the old glass as possible so that you can use double-sided tape or epoxy to attach the new mirror to the backing plate.
  3. If you’re replacing a stick-on mirror, follow the specific directions of your adhesive to attach the mirror to the backing plate.
  4. Once the mirror is attached, make sure you’re able to adjust it
  5. Use masking tape to hold the mirror in place while the adhesive is set.
  6. Reattach any wire you detached to the new unit and snap it into place.
  7. You’re done

Wing mirror glass replacement Wellington

If you are located in Wellington, you can outsource your side mirror glass replacement to the following companies.

Wing mirror glass replacement Christchurch


Final Thoughts

A damaged or broken side mirror on a vehicle could not just be ugly, but also a danger. Broken or cracked mirrors can make it difficult for drivers to perceive the surroundings and increase the chance of accidents. It is therefore important to fix the damaged glass immediately by seeking out professional repair assistance.


One of the biggest queries that car owners ask in relation to replacing side mirror glass is the price. The cost to replace mirrors on the sides can differ in accordance with a number of variables such as the make and model of your car as well as the type of mirror glass required and the location you will take your vehicle to repair.


For New Zealand, the cost of replacing side mirrors typically ranges between NZ$50 and 200 dollars. But, the actual cost may vary based on the above variables. For instance, high-end cars or vehicles that have intricate mirror designs might require special mirror glass, which could be more costly to replace.


For an accurate estimation of the cost of replacing the glass on your side mirror it is recommended that you contact an auto repair shop near you or a glass expert. They’ll be able to give you a price that is based on the specifics of your car and the type of glass needed for the mirror. It is essential to get an estimate prior to beginning the repair in order to avoid unwelcome surprises later.


If you are covered by a comprehensive insurance policy and you have comprehensive insurance coverage, the replacement cost of your side mirror’s glass might be covered by the policy. However, it’s essential to read over your insurance policy to be aware of the conditions and terms governing glass damage. Most of the time the excess, or deductible amount will apply and you’ll have to cover a portion of the repair costs.


It’s important to remember that putting off the repair of broken glass on the side mirror could result in more repairs later on. A damaged mirror can affect the security of the car and increase the likelihood of accidents. This could cause more extensive repairs, or even a complete replacing the entire mirror. So, it is recommended to get professional help immediately.


In the end, the cost of replacing the side mirror glass within New Zealand can vary depending on various aspects. If you’re not sure about the price you should contact an auto repair shop in your area or a glass expert to get an exact estimate. In addition, reviewing the insurance policy could aid in understanding the insurance protection available for glass damage. In the end, taking care of broken mirror glass immediately is vital to protect your vehicle and decrease the chance of further damage.

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