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Short Code To Check Car Duty In Ghana. June 2023

The short code to check car duty in Ghana is the focus of this article.

There is no shortcode to check car duty in Ghana. To check the duty of your car shipped to Ghana, you have to use the designated online portal. Alternatively, you can employ the services of a shipping agent to get your car duty checked using short code or not.

Importing a vehicle entails the purchase, delivery, and customs clearance of the vehicle once it reaches in the country.

To guarantee a smooth clearance process, all required papers must be retained properly when purchasing and exporting a vehicle.

Checking Vehicle Duty in ICUMS

The following information can be used to check the duty that will be paid on an imported vehicle in ICUMS:

  • Vehicle Identification Number or Chassis Number (VIN)
  • Model
  • Year
  • Make

The ICUMS is an online portal that you can use to check your car duty. They have a short code that you can use to check car duty in Ghana. Contact the Ghana Ports and Harbor Authority to get this done.

Short Code To Check Car Duty In Ghana
Short Code To Check Car Duty In Ghana

Calculating Vehicle Duty

Vehicle Duty Calculation requires the first purchase price, which is the manufacturer’s price at the time the car was created.

It will be subject to an additional 50% depreciation, after which it will be reduced to Free on Board (FOB) and the current currency rate will be used before freight and insurance are taken into account.

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