Semino Rossi Cause Of Death; Full Details

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With over 3.3 million records sold and six albums reaching the top charts in Austria, Semino Rossi has truly made a name for himself as a remarkable schlager singer.

His ability to connect with his audience through his enchanting voice and emotional performances has touched the hearts of millions of fans around the world.

Semino Rossi’s love for music and his dedication to his craft continue to drive his success and ensure that his legacy as a prolific artist remains intact for generations to come.

Semino Rossi Biography

Semino Rossi, known for his melodious voice and heartfelt performances, is an Argentine-Tyrolean schlager singer who has captured the hearts of millions with his music.

Rossi, who was born on May 29, 1962, in the energetic city of Rosario, Argentina, has always been passionate about music.

Rossi was raised in a musical household, with a tango singer for a father and a pianist for a mother, so he was exposed to beautiful melodies early on.

While the young Rossi set out to learn the guitar, his mother, who saw his natural potential, gave him piano lessons. His future career was paved with this early introduction to music.

Rossi moved to Austria via Spain in 1985, starting a trip that would forever alter his life. He initially had financial difficulties and turned to playing music on the street to support himself.

But his persistence and commitment were rewarded when he was given engagements at hotels all around Spain, Italy, Switzerland, and Austria.

Rossi’s outstanding talent and moving street performances made it possible for him to get recognition and admiration from a larger audience.

Through his fascinating performances at the winter folk music event known as Winterfest der Volksmusik in 2004, Rossi rose to significant fame in Germany.

Through this exposure, he was able to connect with a wider audience and become well-known in the schlager music community.

His reputation increased as a result of people responding favourably to his distinctive fusion of fervent vocals and timeless tunes.

With the help of his devoted band, Rossi set out on his first solo tour in the spring of 2007, captivating crowds in Germany and Austria. This tour was a demonstration of his expanding fan base and their steadfast support.

Audiences were enthralled and left wanting more by Rossi’s performances because they were so full of sincere emotion and flawless vocal delivery.

Rossi has a long history of releasing albums that are both critically acclaimed and commercially successful.

Rossi’s standing as a significant player in the music business was cemented in March 2013, when his eighth studio album, “Symphonie des Lebens,” which was produced by the renowned Dieter Bohlen, attained double-platinum status in Austria.

With the release of his ninth album, “Ein Teil von mir,” in 2017, Rossi, who is now a well-known artist, strengthened his repertoire. This album went platinum in Austria and was certified gold in Germany, further solidifying his position as a well-liked musician.

Rossi’s musical journey has been nothing short of amazing, and he has continued to enjoy broad popularity over the years.

His ninth studio album, “So ist das Leben,” was released in July 2019. It was an incredible success, topping the charts in Austria and Switzerland and placing second in Germany. This album highlighted Rossi’s artistic range and his capacity to write powerful and moving music.

Semino Rossi Cause Of Death

Semino Rossi is very much alive and kicking as there is no information about his death on the internet currently.

Semino Rossi Discography

Album Release Peak positions Certification
Alles aus Liebe February 2004 10  –  – 30  – 54 GER: 2× Platinum
Tausend Rosen für Dich May 2005 2  –  – 7  – 24 GER: 2× Platinum
Du mein Gefühl September 2005
November 2006 (2nd release)
18  –  –  –  –  –
Feliz Navidad November 2005
October 2006 (Special edition)
10 151  – 30  – 75 GER: Gold[6]
Ich denk an Dich July 2006
October 2006 (Special edition)
1 90  – 1  – 2 GER: 2× Platinum[6]
Einmal Ja – Immer Ja September 2007 1 74 7 4 74 7 GER: 5× Gold[6]
Die Liebe Bleibt 2009 1 25  – 2 31 6 2× Platinum[6]
AT: 2× Platinum [7]
Augenblicke 2011 2 13  – 6 44 9
Symphonie des Lebens 2013 1 17 34 2 27 9 AT: 2× Platinum [7]
Amor – Die schönsten Liebeslieder aller Zeiten 2015 3 14  – 11 61 12
Ein Teil von mir 2017 1 16  – 4  – 2
So ist das Leben[8] 2019 1 7  – 2  – 1
Heute hab ich Zeit für dich 2022 1 15  – 2  – 3

Live albums

Album Release Peak positions Certification
Live in Wien 2007 15  –  –
Einmal ja – immer ja 2008 23  –  –
Die Liebe Bleibt (Live) 2008 7 57 20

Compilation albums

Album Release Peak positions Certification
Best Of March 2014 3


Single Release Peak positions Album
“Rot sind die Rosen” 2008 53 52




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