Sebastian Ströbel Children: Full Details

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Sebastian Ströbel is a German actor who was born on February 2, 1977, in Karlsruhe. He got trained at the Mozarteum in Salzburg after he had graduated from the Spohn-Gymnasium in Ravensburg.

He made his debut on the screen in an episode of the crime series Inspector Rex. He also played the role of Max Lindner in the evening series Powder Park (Suddenly grown up!). This was between 2000 and 2001.

Later in 2003, Sebastian Ströbel teamed up with Alexandra Maria Lara in the short film Leise Krieger.

Leise Krieger was directed by Alex Dierbach. He played a lead role in the film Abfahr – Mit Vollgas in die Liebe in 2004.

Sebastian Ströbel played the lead role alongside Felicitas Woll. In 2007,Sebastian Ströbel was cast for the TV film If Love Was So Easy To See.  Yvonne Catterfeld was also cast for the film.

Sebastian Ströbel was a globetrotter in the band Revolverheld ‘s video for Spinner in the early part of 2020.

It must be noted that beginning from January 14, 2010, Sebastian Ströbel was featured in three seasons of the RTL – television series Countdown.

He is the face of ERGO’s advertising campaign with Inez Bjørg David and Samuel Finzi. ERGO is an insurance company.

Sebastian Ströbel has also been playing the role of Markus Kofler in the ZDF series Die Bergretter since 2014 and he is a huge supporter of FC Nürnberg.

A summary of his works include since 2014: Die Bergretter (TV series), 2015: In Love, Engaged, Switched (TV Movie), 2015: Lucky Hans (TV Movie), 2016: Munich murder: no man, no problem (TV series), 2017: Nord Nord Mord – Clüver and the wild night (TV series), 2018: Cruise to Happiness – Honeymoon in Norway (TV Series), 2018: Jenny – really fair! (TV series, episode The Friendship Service ), 2018: The Wish List (TV Movie), 2019: The Old Man (TV Series, Episode Justice ), 2020: Children and Other Construction Sites (TV Movie) and 2023: Heart Stumbling (TV Movie, Part 1 – Departure for Italy, Part 2 – New Start in Life).

Sebastian Ströbel Children

There is no information about the children of Sebastian Ströbel.

Other works of Sebastian Ströbel include 2010-2012: Countdown – The Hunt Begins (TV series, 24 episodes), 2011: Suddenly Fat! (TV Movie), 2011: Isenhart – The hunt for the soul catcher (TV movie), 2012: Man Can, Woman Even More (TV Movie), 2012: No, off, ugh! A Baby on a Leash (TV Movie), 2012: Among women, 2012: Offside Trap, 2013: Attention police! – Alarm at 11:11 (TV Movie), 2013: Heroes When Your Country Needs You (TV Movie), 2014: My Sister’s Wedding (TV Movie), 2014: Cecelia Ahern – Between Heaven and Here (TV Series) and 2014: Cecelia Ahern – All My Life.

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