Sean Milliken’s Cause of Death

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Sean Milliken, a well-known figure to fans of the reality television program “My 600-lb Life,” lived a life characterized by enormous struggles and motivating resolve. He was born on May 29, 1989, and rose to fame for his valiant fight against obesity, his experience on the program, and his tenacity in the face of adversity.

Early Life

Sean Milliken was born in the United States and battled obesity from an early age. His weight problems started having a serious negative effect on his health and general quality of life. He eventually reached the point where he could no longer enjoy a life of mobility and freedom, which prompted him to go for the assistance of Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, a bariatric surgeon who was featured on the program “My 600-lb Life.”

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The “My 600-lb Life” Journey

Sean Milliken’s participation in “My 600-lb Life” was distinguished by his resolve to deal with his weight problems. The program follows the journeys of significantly obese people as they attempt to lose weight and undergo metamorphosis. The focus of Sean’s show was on his determination to lose weight and take back control of his life.

Sean Milliken encountered many physical, mental, and psychological difficulties throughout his time on the program. His struggles served as an eloquent illustration of the difficulties in overcoming excessive obesity. Many people were motivated by his bravery and tenacity as a result of his adventure, which struck a chord with them.

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What was Sean Milliken’s Cause of Death?

The “My 600-lb Life” group and Sean Milliken’s supporters were shocked to learn of his demise on February 17, 2019. He was only 29 years old when he passed away. His death was attributed to problems brought on by an illness, according to reports. Sean had health concerns his whole life, and despite his best efforts, he had to overcome considerable medical obstacles.

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In the days leading up to his passing, Sean was hospitalized due to a severe infection. The former participant of “My 600-lb Life” faced significant breathing difficulties during his hospital stay. Despite initial efforts to resuscitate him, his heart ceased to beat shortly thereafter.


Sean Milliken’s life was distinguished by its hardships and his unwavering dedication to enhancing his health. His experiences on “My 600-lb Life” raised awareness of the significant difficulties experienced by people who struggle with excessive obesity. Others who were facing comparable challenges found encouragement in Sean’s narrative.


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