Roof Tiles Cement Prices In The UK

Some call it roof tiles and others too refer to it as tile roof. Anyway, they are all made up of the same components. Therefore, whether roof tiles or tiles roof, you’re good to go.

Roof Tiles have been around for a pretty long time. Yes, they’ve been around for something not less thousand years. Most old European and Spanish buildings will testify to this. Get some pictures of these old buildings and you will get the whole show. 

Let me tell you more about roof tiles, benefits or advantages of tiles roof. Keep it in mind that, as you read further, you are going to discover the prices of roof tiles cement in the UK.

About Roof Tiles

Basically, Roof tiles are made from slate or terracotta. Historically, this is Italian for “baked earth” and also, it was traditionally referred to as clay tiles.

Roof tiles are ‘hung’ from the framework of a roof by fastening them with nails.

Benefits Of Tile Roofs
  • Roof tiles cement are associated with long lasting abilities. Even for a period of 55 years, your roof tiles cement will still remain intact. 
  • Water run off from roof tiles cement is very safe to use.
  • Roof tiles cement come with a wide range of colors and these colors do not easily fade.   
  • Roof tiles cement are extremely good noise insulators.
  • There is nothing like corrosion or rusting associated with roof tiles cement.
  • Roof tiles cement are fire resistant.
  • Roof tiles cement are able to bounce back heat away from buildings or homes.
  • Roof tiles cement can bring down cooling requirements. 
  • Roof tiles cement are very affordable and etc.
Types Of Roof Tiles

Depending on the chosen materials, roof tiles can be classified into:  

Slate Roof Tile

Slate Roof Tiles are:

  • Made from natural materials and lighter
  • Temperature change resistant
  • Water resistant and etc.
Concrete Roof Tiles

Concrete Roof Tiles are:

  • Man-made and heavy
  • Long lasting
  • Durable and etc.
Clay Roof Tiles

Clay Roof Tiles are:

  • Weather resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Not strong compared to Slate Roof Tiles and etc.
Marley Roof Tiles
Redland Roof Tile
Roof Tiles Cement Prices In The UK

Actually, the pricing of roof tiles in the UK is determined by the chosen material. Probably, you’ve got to go for what suits your home and budget as well. Have a look at roof tiles cement prices in the UK below:

  • Slate Roof Tile costs: £ 0.80 for a small (16 x 8) tile to £ 2.80 for a larger (24 x 14) tile. They can actually last for more than 200 years.
  • Concrete roof tile costs: £ 0.86 to £ 3 per tile.
  • Clay Roof Tile cost: £ 0.58 to £ 2 per tile.
  • Marley Roof Tile cost: £ 0.58 to £ 2 per tile.
  •  Redland Roof Tile cost: £ 0.45 to £3. 

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Roof Tiles Cement Prices In The UK 2
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