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Rita Sabo is a gifted artist who had an amazing journey from her bilingual upbringing to the international art scene. Rita’s artistic abilities have grown significantly, from attending art schools in Switzerland to honing her skills at esteemed establishments like Central Saint Martin’s College of Art & Design. Her distinctive fusion of jewelry design and painting has drawn interest from all around the world, leading to solo exhibits and cross-cultural partnerships.


Rita Sabo was born and raised in a bilingual setting in the North Caucasus, which is where her artistic adventure started. Her subsequent artistic pursuits benefited from this early exposure to a variety of languages and cultures, which infused her work with a complex tapestry of influences that represent her global upbringing.

Rita Sabo studied at the art academies in Basel and Zurich to further her love of painting after moving to Switzerland with her family. Her initial creative experiments were based on the scenery of Switzerland. Later, in an attempt to broaden her creative horizons, she relocated to Olten, Switzerland’s Invers School of Design, where she sharpened her craft and found her own voice.

Rita Sabo’s dedication to her artistic development brought her to study jewelry design at the esteemed Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design.

Her creative vision takes center stage in the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana on St. Mark’s Square in Venice during the summer of 2023. “Sacred Planet,” her solo show, included masterful dialogues between her paintings and masters’ wall and ceiling paintings by Titian, Tintoretto, and Veronese.

Rita Sabo’s involvement in the awareness campaign #Art4GlobalGoals demonstrated her dedication to global causes. Her painting was on display at the Paris offices of UNESCO in September 2023, providing visitors with an artistic examination of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. Rita sparked thought-provoking discussions on urgent world issues with her work.

Another significant event in Rita Sabo’s career occurred in November 2023 when her artwork was first displayed in a German establishment, the Ludwig Museum in Koblenz. In addition to showcasing her canvases, the exhibition presented visitors with her sculptures, which expanded her creative range into three dimensions.

Rita Sabo Parents

There is no available information about Rita Sabo’s parents.

Rita Sabo Age, Weight, Height, Birthdate

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Rita Sabo’s Boyfriend/Husband

Rita Sabo is married to Thomas Sabo. There is limited information about her husband.

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There is no available information about Rita Sabo’s children.

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