Ra Uru Hu Cause of Death: Full Details

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Ra Uru Hu was the Human Design System’s founder and messenger. He was born Alan (Robert) Krakower on April 9, 1948. He was born in Montreal, Canada. Concerning education, Ra Uru Hu has a Bachelor of Arts degree. For his professional career, he was active in the business world and worked as an advertising executive, magazine publisher, and media producer.

He had the arts so much to his heart and expressed himself as a composer and performer throughout his life. He was born into a wealthy family but because of his love for the arts, he was considered an artist, poet, storyteller, musician, composer and performer.

It must be noted that in 1983, Ra Uru Hu relocated to the island of Ibiza from Canada. While on the island of Ibiza, he worked as a school teacher. While on the island of Ibiza, he started a process of mystical deconstruction climaxing with his encounter with the “Voice”.

In January 1987, the Voice represented the mystical encounter with an intelligence that was far superior to anything he had ever experienced. He was taught the mechanical nature of the universe and he was also given fully detailed and scientific knowledge.

Prior to this, Ra Uru Hu had no belief in anything mystical and didn’t even know his astrological sign. Due to his encounter with the ‘Voice’, he wrote Rave I’Ching. Rave I’Ching served as the foundation on which Human Design rests and the key to unlocking the code of our genetics.

He was engaged with the development and teaching of the System around the world for about twenty-five years. He lived in America with his wife, as well as in Germany and on the Island of Ibiza.

Ra Uru Hu Cause of Death

Ra Uru Hu who is considered the messenger of the Human Design System died on March 12, 2011, at 6:30 a.m. He died on Ibiza Island, Spain. The cause of his death was a heart attack.

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