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Poly-tank is mostly used for storing either clean water or wastewater. Different types of polytank include Rambo, Nano, Sumo, Septic and Hippo. All these types of poly tanks have different and serve different purposes. This post will show you all the current prices of these tanks and how to use them effectively.

The best way to store water is to store it in a poly tank. When it comes to selecting a rainwater tank to purchase you’ll need to choose a particular model type. If you have open spaces on your property, then maybe a large round water tank will be fine. On the other hand, if you don’t have much space then a smaller poly tank or two joined together might work better.

Poly tanks come in different sizes, shapes and colours, that you can choose from. If you are not sure of the size and shape that will fit your home, experts can come around and measure the dimensions of where you want to put your tank, and get you the right one.


Polytank Ghana Limited is the largest and leading producer of water tanks and other containers such as dustbin, multi-purpose bin, biodigester, septic tank, mobile toilet,pallet, fish farming tank, industrial trolley, road barrier, poly kiosk, flower pots and many more.

Polytank Ghana Limited plays an important role in water storage, by providing Ghanaians with durable and affordable water tanks.

Polytank Ghana limited was the first to introduce large movable water tanks into Ghana. They are one of the pacesetters in the Plastic water storage tanks industry not in Ghana only but across Africa.  

These tanks can be used to store powerful chemicals such as petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and alcoholic beverages.

Contact Polytank Ghana at [email protected].


A lots of rubber products are available at Polytank Ghana and these include: Cleaning cart Safe Wash, Poly Tray, Mobile Urinal, Mobile Shower, Traffic Cone, Fish Tank, Pallet, etc

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Updated Polytank Prices In Ghana 2023

Polytank Rambo

Rambo poly tanks are robust plastic containers which are basically meant for water storage. You can get them in various colors and sizes. There is a Rambo tank which can contain any volume of water or liquid you want to store. The volume of the Polytank Rambo series starts from as low as 58 litres to 30000 litres. The price of polytank Rambo in Ghana ranges from GH¢ 435.00 to GH¢ 51,465.00.


Polytank Prices in Ghana 4

Types Of Polytank Rambo Series And Their Prices

Type Of Polytank Rambo Capacity (litres) Diameter (cms) Height




Rambo-2500 25000 299 383 32,345.00
Rambo-250 2500 150 133 2,790.00
Rambo-1200 12000 271 247 14,055.00
Rambo-700 7000 199 233 7,810.00
Rambo-350 3500 169 184 4,050.00
Rambo-3000 30000 313 410 51,465.00
Rambo-1100 11000 238 280 11,430.00
Rambo-1000 10000 235 270 9,700.00
Rambo-450 4500 174 183 5,025.00
Rambo-300 3000 154 180 3,635.00
Rambo-850 8500 209 237 8,645.00
Rambo-600 6000 186 223 6,395.00
Rambo-1500 15000 264 291 17,825.00
Rambo-400 4000 177 192 4,530.00
Rambo-2000 20000 283 367 23,430.00
Rambo-070 700 90 109 915.00
Rambo-140 1400 117 123 1,720.00
Rambo-500 5000 184 208 5,425.00
Rambo-050 500 84 135 675.00
Rambo-020 200 58 87 435.00
Rambo-030 300 59 109 490.00
Rambo-180 1800 120 152 2,255.00
Rambo-100 1000 103 121 1,260.00

Polytank Hippo Tank

The polytank hippo serves as an optimal water transport solution as a result of its low-profile design and multiple legs, which are capable of minimizing sloshing. The volume of the Polytank Hippo Series starts from 1000 litres to 4000 litres. Their prices start from GH¢ 1,955.00 to GH¢ 6,670.00.

Polytank Prices in Ghana 5

Types Of Polytank Hippo Tanks And Their Prices

Types Of Polytank Hippo Tank Capacity (litres) Diameter (cms) Height (cms) Price (GH¢)
Hippo-300 3000 212 156 5,290.00
Hippo-100 1000 149 112 1,955.00
Hippo-200 2000 192 137 3,565.00
Hippo-400 4000 259 155 6,670.00


Polytank Sumo Tank

High-quality Sumo tanks are for large storage of water. They come in different colors and sizes for whatever capacity you need. The capacity of Polytank Sumo tank series start from 1000 litres to 3000 litres. You can buy the Polytank Sumo tank at a price from GH¢ 1,120.00 to GH¢ 3,160.00.

Polytank Prices in Ghana 6

Types Of Polytank Sumo Tanks And Their Prices

Types Of Polytank Sumo Tank Capacity (litres) Diameter (cms) Height (cms) Price (GH¢)
Sumo-250 2500 138 178 2,525.00
Sumo-100 1000 66 156 1,120
Sumo-200 2000 131 174 2,205.00
Sumo-300 3000 149 196 3,160.00
Sumo-150 1500 119 152 1565.00

Polytamk Septic Tank

Polytank Prices in Ghana 7

Types Of Polytank Septic Tanks And Their Prices

Septic tanks are employed in holding wastewater for sufficient duration, thus allowing solids to settle down to the bottom forming sludge, while the oil and grease floats to the top as scum. The polytank septic tanks are made of polyethylene, hence they have lightweights. The volume of polytank septic tanks start from 5000 litres to 5500 litres. Their prices range from GH¢ 9,605.00 to GH¢ 11,290.00.

Types Of Polytank Septic Tank Capacity (litres) Diameter (cms) Height (cms) Price (GH¢)
Septic Tank-550 5500 164 220 11,290.00
Septic Tank-500 5000 160 213 9,605.00


Polytank Nano

The Polytank Nano are the smallest tanks among all the polytank products. Their capacities range from 50 litres to 100 litres. They are specifically meant for holding small volumes of liquid. You can buy Polytank Nano at prices starting from GH¢ 185.00 to GH¢ 290.00.

Types Of Polytank Nano Tank Capacity (litres) Diameter (cms) Height (cms) Price (GH¢)
Nano-010 100 57 40 290.00
Nano-005 50 48 31 185.00


Where To Buy Polytank Products In Ghana

Visit their website to get their brand of poly tanks. You can equally contact them on 0302811576 to purchase directly from them. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Polytank Ghana

How much is the cost of Polytank in Ghana?

Currently, the price of polytank in Ghana starts from GH¢ 185.00 to GH¢ 51,465.00. The smallest polytank is the Nano-005, which is 50 litres and the biggest polytank is the Rambo-3000 which is 30000 litres.

Where can I buy polytank in Ghana at the cheapest price?

You can buy polytank in Ghana at the cheapest price from Polytank Ghana.

What is the location of Polytank Ghana?

You can locate Polytank Ghana at Motorway Industrial Estate, Baatsona, Behind Coca cola Bottling Plant, Ghana.

What is the contact of Polytank Ghana?

The phone number of Polytank Ghana is 0302 811 576 or 0800-101-815

What are the products of Polytank Ghana?

Polytank Ghana produces water storage plastic products, waste management products, aqua farming plastic products, construction plastic products, tanks, laminate, sacks, bottles, kraft and many more.

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