Peter Albert’s Cause of Death

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Peter Albert was a well-known person in the German Schlager music community. He was a renowned Schlager singer, songwriter, and lyricist who was born on December 17, 1946, in Erfurt, and tragically passed suddenly on December 30, 2001, in Berlin.

Early Life and Education

Peter Albert began his work path by pursuing training as a wholesale merchant in 1963 after finishing his 10th grade at the Polytechnic Secondary School (POS) in Erfurt. But his love of music quickly dominated his life. He developed his musical abilities while studying guitar at the Erfurt Music School from 1964 and 1969. He started his band at this time, and they started touring the German Democratic Republic (DDR).

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He followed a singing course at the Central Studio for Entertainment Arts in Berlin as a result of his dedication to music, and in 1972, he successfully finished it and received a stage-ready certification.


With the success of his first single, “Du hast wohl Langeweile” (You Must Be Bored), in 1970, Peter Albert gained professional fame. He rose to fame, nevertheless, thanks to his 1975 single “Dreh dich nicht mehr um” (Don’t Turn Around Anymore). For seventeen weeks in a row, the song held the #1 place on the Schlagerrevue radio chart. The Puhdys’ Dieter Birr and Peter Meyer wrote the songs “Wiedersehen” and “Trink ein Glas Wein mit mir” (Have a Glass of Wine with Me) for Albert in 1990.

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Peter Albert appeared in several prominent entertainment programs on East German television, including “Ein Kessel Buntes” (A Potpourri of Entertainment), “Da liegt Musike drin” (Music in There), “Der Helga-Hahnemann-Show,” and “Klock 8, achtern Strom” (Eight O’Clock Downstream.” These appearances were made possible by Peter Albert’s talent and popularity. He has traveled abroad to perform in nations such as Cuba, the Soviet Union, Mongolia, the Netherlands, and Austria.

Personal Life

Peter Albert was married to his wife Inge, who was a former dancer and a member of the television ballet ensemble. The couple had a son together, forming a loving family unit.

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What was Peter Albert’s Cause of Death?

Sadly, Peter Albert’s life was tragically cut short in 2001 when he passed away at the age of 55 after suffering a heart attack. He is currently at peace in Berlin’s Rahnsdorf-Wilhelmshagen Cemetery.

Peter Albert’s legacy endures and his music is still loved by people all over the world in honor of his exceptional contributions to the German Schlager music genre and his mesmerizing performances on stage and cinema.


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