Paulina Krumbiegel Parents. Everything you need to know

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Paulina Käte Krumbiegel, born on October 27, 2000, has emerged as a promising talent in the world of women’s football. Hailing from Germany, she has made significant strides in her career and is currently a key player for both 1899 Hoffenheim and the Germany women’s national team.


Paulina Käte Krumbiegel’s journey in the world of football began with promise and dedication. Her early years were marked by a deep love for the game and an unwavering determination to succeed. As a young talent, she honed her skills and worked tirelessly to reach the highest levels of the sport.

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Krumbiegel’s club career took a significant turn when she joined 1899 Hoffenheim, a prominent football club in Germany. This move provided her with a platform to showcase her talent and continue her development as a footballer. Her performances on the field have not gone unnoticed, and she has become an integral part of the club’s midfield.

With 1899 Hoffenheim, Paulina Käte Krumbiegel gained valuable experience and contributed to the team’s success. Her presence in midfield, marked by her skill, vision, and work rate, has made her a vital asset for the club.

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One of the defining moments in Krumbiegel’s career came when she earned her first international cap for Germany. On September 22, 2020, she made her debut for the German women’s national team. This significant milestone occurred during a UEFA Women’s Euro 2021 qualifying match against Montenegro, where she was included in the starting lineup.

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The match against Montenegro ended in a resounding 3-0 victory for Germany, further emphasizing Krumbiegel’s potential and the impact she can have on the national team’s success. Her ability to seamlessly transition from club football to the international stage is a testament to her skills and adaptability.

Who are Paulina Krumbiegel Parents?

Paulina Krumbiegel keeps her personal life out of the public. However, there is no information about her parents.


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