Paolo Brosio Engaged: Full Details

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Paolo Brosio is an Italian journalist, writer and television presenter who was born on September 27, 1956. His parents are Domenico Ettore Brosio and Anna Marcacci. It must be noted that Paolo Brosio in 1975 entered into the world of journalism when he was only 19 years old.

He worked as a collaborator and publicist with a newspaper La Nazione for 8 years and he directed the press office of Pisa Calcio and organized an edition of the Mitropa Cup. He graduated in Law from the University of Pisa in 1985.

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Paolo Brosio was appointed by Bruno Guerrini to be in charge and publish the Newsletter of the University of Pisa. He joined the editorial staff of Secolo XIX and was subsequently transferred to La Spezia editorial team as a special correspondent for crime and judicial news.

Paolo Brosio started working as a special correspondent for Studio Aperto on Italia 1 in 1990. He participated in the extraordinary editions of the Gulf War, the Moby Prince disaster as well as the Kidnappings by the Ndrangheta. He also worked for TG5, Italia 1 as well as TG4 owned by Emilio Fede.

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Paolo Brosio was the victim of a prank by Frank Matano together with Leonardo Fiaschi who posed as an American director who has to shoot a documentary on Medjugorje, and interviews Paolo Brosio. Paolo Brosio did not take kindly to the prank.

He competed in the 14th edition of L’isola del famous on January 24, 2019. He was eliminated in the 10th episode and made a return to become regular guest in Che tempo che Fe on Rai 1.He also participated in the 5th edition of Big Brother VIP which started from October 30, 2020, but he participated began a month later due to ill-health.

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Paolo Brosio Engaged

Paolo Brosio was married to Serenella Corigliano but they later divorced. In 2004, Paolo Brosio married Cuban model Gretel Coello but in 2008, they divorced.

Paolo Brosio is said to be single and not in any relationship. A relationship with Marialaura De Vitis was talked about during his participation at GF VIP 2020.





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