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Palina Rojinski was born on April 21, 1985, and she is known to be a Russian-German television presenter and actress. She was born in Leningrad, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union but in Mach 1991 she moved with her parents to Berlin. She had a sibling who was born in Berlin in 1994.

Palina Rojinski became the German junior champion twice in rhythmic gymnastics. She had been practicing rhythmic gymnastics since she was 4 years old. She stopped rhythmic gymnastics at age 14 due to knee problems and six hours of daily training.

She however engaged in different dances as a form of training for three years. After completing high school, she attended the Humboldt University in Berlin. She graduated from the Humboldt University in Berlin and studied literature and history while there.

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Palina Rojinski Boyfriend

Palina Rojinski does not currently have a boyfriend. After dating Jean-Christoph Ritter for six years, they separated in February 2013. She got into another relationship in the summer of 2020. They got engaged in January 2022 but unfortunately, in 2023, they broke up. She currently lives in Berlin.


As a presenter, Palina Rojinski was involved with programs such as 2010–2011: MTV Home, as Sidekick, 2011–2013: no paradise, as Sidekick, 2011–2015: VIVA Top 100, 2012: VIVApedia, 2012: Rojinski Circus, 2013–2017: Circus HalliGalli , as sidekick, 2013–2015: Got to Dance, as a judge and 2014: Crazy Dates – In Love with Palina

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Others are 2014: What if?, 2014–2017: Offline – Palina World Wide Weg / Inside – On the road with Palina, 2015: The Big Surprise – Your Most Beautiful Nightmare, 2016: The ProSieben Away game, 2018: Our Russia – A city trip to the World Cup, as a reporter with Udo Lielischkies, 2019: Yo! MTV Raps, 2020: Sing On! Germany and 2022: Summit of the Quiz Giants ( RTL ).

Some of the films she featured in include 2006: Lenßen & Partner (Episode 4×48: Love in Russian; Episode 5×15: In the Intoxication of Emotions ), 2009: Men’s Hearts, 2011: Men’s Hearts… and the very, very great love, 2011: Rubbeldiekatz, 2011: Hotel Desire, 2012: Jesus loves me, 2013: Less is more, 2013: Time of Heroes, 2013: Crime Scene: The Fat Hoppe, 2015: Dream Women, 2016: Welcome to the Hartmanns and 2018: jerks. (Episode 2×05: Tibet ).

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Palina Rojinski received the 2014: Bavarian Television Prize for Got to Dance (together with her jury colleagues Nikeata Thompson and Howard Donald ). She also participated in 2020: Small versus big, 2021: Who will steal the show? and 2022: LOL: Last One Laughing. She is the author of Follow Your Stars: Your Personal Astro Guide to Living Your Full Potential. Knaur Balance, 2022.

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