Okomfo Anokye Miracles


Okomfo Anokye was a priest in the late 17th century in Ghana. He has made such a history, that even schools in Ghana learn about him.

Okomfo Anokye was born Kwame Frimpon Anokye, and the “Okomfo ” is a title  which means “priest”.

He was a fetish priest in the Ashanti Kingdom, a founder together with the military leader; Osei Tutu of the Ashanti Kingdom. He helped in the establishment of laws and customs and constitutions in the Ashanti Kingdom.

The priest is well noted for the miracles or magics he performed. Many Ghanaians love his story especially children, because of the things he achieved. The story of the golden Ashanti golden stool is the most amazing of all that he did.

It is believed that the golden stool fell from the sky on Okomfo Anokye and he handed it over to the Ashantis.

Though a statue has been made of him, his real look is not known, not even a camera picture of him.

Let us take a look at some of the miracles he performed.

okomfo Anokye statue at Kumasi


  1. Okomfo Anokye turned into a beautiful fair skinned girl and at the market was called to enter the quarters of Ntim Gyakari (the King of Denkyira).

It is said that he took the “Seed” (some says he took the King’s heart) and turned to his real self. He went back to Ashanti to use the seed or better still the heart of the Ntim Gyakari for Juju (medicine) against the Denkyira people.


  1. Okomfo Anokye ordered the rain not to fall during a festival. And it was so.


  1. Okomfo Anokye pushed a dagger into the ground, no one has been able to take it our till now.


  1. Okomfo Anokye drained a stream call Agyempansu which runs through Kumasi and later made the stream flow again and renamed it Suben.


  1. Okomfo Anokye boiled war medicine in perforated pots during the Denkyira war. Liquid could not come out of the perforated pot.


  1. Okomfo Anokye planted, grew, harvested and cooked a plantain on a single show.


  1. Okomfo Anokye brought a golden stool down from the sky, called “Sikagua Kofi”. This happened on a Friday.


  1. Okomfo Anokye brought from the sky an object mixed with the “seed” which they say it was the heart of the Denkyira King. He put the mixed items into a stool and used his frenzy to struck the head of a sacrificial albino, who is believed vanished into the stool.


  1. Okomfo Anokye gave his parents leaves while it was raining in the farm and instructed them to close their. His parents later found themselves at home.


  1. Okomfo Anokye made the sister of the chief of Asante Mampong in his time to bear a son after the woman obeyed the priest’s instructions.


  1. Okomfo Anokye walked through rain without getting wet.


  1. Okomfo Anokye used his whisk to swerve fired bullets into a big tree during the time of war. The tree is still standing at his home town in Agona Akyempem called “Odan-gye-abo”.


  1. Okomfo Anokye used the leftover of palm wine to grow palm tree in less than a day.


  1. Okomfo Anokye ordered for a leopard to be picked from the bush with ease.


  1. Okomfo Anokye smashed eggs on a stone and none got broken.


  1. Okomfo Anokye climbed a palm tree and left his foot print on it. The palm tree is still exist and bear fruits.


  1. Okomfo Anokye used his hands to curve the Oware game board. The Oware game is still one of Ghanaian’s favorite.


  1. Okomfo Anokye tied a knot in an elephant’s tusk and gave it to Kyerekye (the priest of Denkyira ) to untie but he couldn’t and has not been able to untie by anyone.


  1. Okomfo Anokye made a silk cotton tree to expand, which spread out like a wall or fence to receive bullets fired by their enemies.


  1. Okomfo Anokye made water come out of a rock, which was a holy water for the seven Adadifo.


  1. Okomfo Anokye brought about a forest of palm tree to shield the Ashanti people during their war with the Denkyiras.


  1. Okomfo Anokye ordered swarm of bees to attack the Denkyiras when the pounced on the Ashantis on all sides.


  1. Okomfo Anokye made palm wine to flow through the branches of palm trees when ever there is a shortage.


  1. Okomfo Anokye made darkness fall on the Denkyiras, which made them not to find their to attack the Ashantis.
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