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Norbert Busè has had a lasting impact in the fields of cultural preservation and documentary filmmaking. Busè’s work as a producer, director, and filmmaker has crossed boundaries, encapsulating the beauty of various cultural traditions and the essence of the human experience.


Norbert Busè was born in 1963 and raise in Erbach im Odenwald, Germany. Beginning in 1993, Busè worked as an editor for the German public-service broadcaster ZDF, launching his career in media and cinema. In the course of his employment, he also presented the consumer advisory show “KONTAKTE.” Busè developed his media production and narrative abilities during this time, setting the groundwork for his future aspirations in the documentary film industry.

Busè has devoted his time since 1991 to investigating cinema projects and issues related to media education. His early attempts at filming documentaries were on cultural subjects, music in particular. “Auf Teufel komm raus” (Come Hell or High Water), one of his well-known pieces, explores the role that music plays in adolescent development by employing the New Wave movement as a prism through which to look at more general themes of identity and expression.

Working with UNESCO, ZDF, and 3sat, Busè started a ground-breaking effort in 2003: making the 12-part video series “Mankind’s Masterpieces.” This large-scale project sought to highlight the intangible cultural history of mankind, bringing attention to the challenges that contemporary music faces as well as its lasting impact.

One of Busè’s seminal works is “AVA – The Voice of My Mother,” a feature-length music documentary that explores the legacy and potential loss of Russian folk songs. Through captivating storytelling and evocative imagery, Busè highlights the richness of Russia’s musical traditions while raising awareness about the importance of cultural preservation.

In addition to his documentary work, Busè has produced over 30 episodes of the Arte Lounge program, which celebrates classical music from a unique perspective. His efforts to showcase the works of renowned musicians such as Karlheinz Stockhausen, John Cage, Elvis Presley, and Richard Strauss have earned him international acclaim and recognition.

Busè’s contributions to the preservation of traditional stage dance from around the world are equally noteworthy. By bringing the vibrant dance traditions of Russia, Bolivia, India, Malaysia, and Cuba to television audiences, he has helped preserve these cultural treasures for future generations and fostered a deeper understanding of global diversity.

In 2009, Busè assumed the role of Head of Factual Programming at Studio TV Film in Berlin, further solidifying his commitment to excellence in documentary filmmaking and media production.

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Norbert Busè Age, Height, Weight, Birthdate

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