Nina Gummich’s Husband: Full Details

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Who is Nina Gummich husband? Is Nina Gummich married? How long has Nina Gummich been married?

Fans of Nina Gummich are curious to know who her husband is. Hence in this write up, we will get to find out if she is married and to whom she is married to.

Who Is Nina Gummich? 

Nina Gummich is a talented German actress born on September 24, 1991 in Halle. She was born to Anne-Kathrin Gummich, a famous German actress, director and acting lecturer who raised her in Leipzig.

Her mother currently works at the University of Music and Theater “Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy” Leipzig as an acting professor. Nothing is known about her biological father but was adopted when she was two and a half years old by her mother’s partner at the time.

As the daughter of an actress and acting teacher/professor, Nina Gummich also found herself deeply in love with acting at a very young age. By the time she was ten years old, Gummich had already landed her first film role.

She was cast in the film “A Father for Christmas” in 2001 by Thomas Louis Pröve and again in the film “Love Letters” that same year. Her next film role came two years later in 2003 in the film drama “Blueprint”.

Since then, it took her about three years to land another role and has since been a regular face on TV. She was motivated to succeed in her acting career hence decided to educate herself to acquire more knowledge about acting.

She attended the University of Music and Theater “Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy” in Leipzig to study acting. During her time in the University, Gummich was actively involved with the acting studio of the Staatsschauspiel Dresden.

She then performed at the Hans Otto Theater Potsdam after she graduated from 2015 to 2018. As we speak, Gummich has performed in over ten theater productions in addition to twenty five films and TV series.

Nina Gummich Selected Filmography

  • Alice (2022)
  • As Loud as you can (2022)
  • Price of Freedom (2019)
  • Lotte at the Bauhaus (2019)
  • What Matters in life (2016)
  • For Jojo (2022)
  • Touhab (2020)
  • Atlas (2018)
  • Grains and Mutts (2002)
  • The Prodigal Daughter (2020)
  • The Last Word (2020)
  • Etc.

Who Is Nina Gummich Husband? Is She Married? 

Actress Nina Gummich is not yet married as of July 2023. In fact, she has never been married. She is however reported to be in a relationship with Hendrik Duryn.

The interesting thing about her partner is that, he is actually her adopted father. He adopted her at the age of two and a half while he was in a relationship with Gummich’s mother, Anna-Kathrin Gummich.

However, Gummich’s mother and Hendrik Duryn are no longer together and somehow began a romantic relationship with her adoptive father. Hendrik Duryn is also actively involved in the entertainment industry as an actor, stuntman, voice actor and singer.

He has been acting since he was just a boy in theater productions and gradually began to appear in films.

He is over twenty years older than Nina Gummich but it seems that hasn’t been a problem in their relationship.

Did Nina Gummich Have A Baby? 

No. Actress Nina Gummich does not have a baby as of July 2023. The award winning actress is reported to be in a relationship with Hendrik Duryn but is yet to have any kids.

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