Nail Polish Prices In Ghana

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About Nail Polish

Human fingernails and toenails can be painted and protected using nail polish, which is a lacquer. The composition has undergone numerous revisions to improve its aesthetic qualities and reduce peeling or cracking. An organic polymer plus a number of other ingredients that give nail polish its colors and textures make up nail polish. Nail polishes come in many different color tones and are essential to manicures and pedicures.

The history of nail polish stretches back to 3000 BCE in China. Around 600 BCE, during the Zhou dynasty, the royal house loved the hues gold and silver. But soon, red and black took the place of these glittering hues as the royal favorites. During the Ming era, beeswax, egg whites, gelatin, vegetable colors, and gum arabic were frequently used to create nail lacquer.

Types Of Nail Polish

Base Coat

This kind of nail polish is used primarily before applying nail polish to the nail and is a clear, milky-colored, or opaque pink polish solution. Its functions include strengthening nails, rehydrating the nail, and promoting polish adhesion. It keeps the manicure from staining and makes it last longer. Some base coats are marketed as “ridge fillers” and help level the surface, reducing the prominence of any ridges that may be present on unbuffed nails. Some base coats, referred known as “peel off base coats,” enable the wearer to remove their nail polish by simply peeling it off.

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Top Coat

Specifically used after nail polish has been applied to the nail, this kind of nail polish is a transparent colored formula. It creates a solid barrier around the nail that helps guard against peeling, chipping, and chipping. Topcoats are frequently advertised as “quick-drying.” Topcoats can speed up the drying process of the colored polish underneath. It helps the polish stay on longer and provides it a more polished appearance that is more desired.


A form of methacrylate polymer is used to create the long-lasting variety of nail lacquer known as gel polish. Similar to regular nail polish, it is painted on the nail but does not dry. In its place, it is dried under a UV lamp or UV LED. Gel nail polish can last up to two weeks with careful application and at-home maintenance, but conventional nail polish formulas normally last two to seven days without chipping. In comparison to ordinary nail polish, gel polish might be more challenging to remove. Depending on the recipe, it is typically removed by soaking the nails in pure acetone, the solvent found in the majority of nail polish removers, for five to fifteen minutes.


Like regular polish, matte polish lacks the gloss for aesthetic reasons. It is available in a variety of colors as a standard base coat. A topcoat that is matte nail paint is also available. The best usage for a matte topcoat is to paint it over any dry base color to give it a distinctive look. The luster of a conventional base coat polish will be dulled by the matte topcoat polish. Since it can be utilized in nail art applications, where designs can be formed on the nail using the contrast of both shiny and matte surfaces, matte polish has grown in popularity over time.

Nail Polish Prices In Ghana

An average price for nail polish is about Gh¢ 85, but at ORLY, you can get your nail polish for even cheaper, with some products starting at just Gh¢ 35. Brand and other factors determines the price of nail polish and what you should take this into consideration before you spend your hard-earned money on a bottle.

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