Nadja Abd El Farrag Parents; All You Need To Know

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Who Is Nadja Abd El Farrag?

Nadja Abd el Farrag, also known by her stage name Naddel, is a German television presenter and singer.

She was born in Hamburg, Germany, on March 5, 1965. Her mother, Uta, is German, while her father, Ibrahim, is from the Sudan. Prior to her father’s passing, Nadja had a rigid relationship with him and had been cut off for the previous fifteen years.

Nadja Abd el Farrag: Naddel bangt um ihren Neustart – wegen Corona

Her sister is younger. Nadja dropped out of school a year before earning her Abitur, a requirement for admission to universities, and she later enrolled in an apprenticeship programme to become a chemist’s assistant while working in a store.

Nadja Abd el Farrag’s career changed dramatically after she met Dieter Bohlen in Hamburg in 1989. She started singing in the background for Bohlen’s band, Blue System. She was doing a part-time job in a hospice at the same time.

Between 1989 and 1996 and 1997 and 2001, Nadja and Dieter Bohlen had intermittent relationships.

She participated in two photo assignments for Playboy magazine in 1999, furthering her rise to fame. She hosted the erotic programme “Peep!” on RTL II from 1999 to 2000.

In the early 2000s, Nadja Abd el Farrag began writing and publishing. She first published a cookbook in 2002, then her autobiography “Ungelogen” in 2003.

Nadja Abd el Farrag droht Patricia Blanco: „Mache es wie bei Verona  Feldbusch“

Her early years and her relationship with Dieter Bohlen are extensively discussed in the book, along with her contentious remarks about her previous boss, Gerd Graf Bernadotte.

In order to have some portions from the book removed, Bernadotte filed a lawsuit. In 2004, Nadja took part in “Ich bin ein Star – Holt mich hier raus!” the second season of the German adaptation of “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!” In 2005, she also made an appearance as a guest on Big Brother Germany.

In the years that followed, Nadja Abd el Farrag continued to appear on television. She took part in the reality competition “Promiboxen” on Sat.1 in 2013 and appeared on Peter Zwegat’s RTL programme “Raus aus den Schulden” in 2016 and 2018. “Achterbahn” (Roller Coaster), her second autobiography, was published in 2018.

Nadja Abd El Farrag’s Age

Nadja Abd El Farrag was born on March 5, 1965, and is currently 58 years of age.

Who Are Nadja Abd El Farrag’s Parents

Nadja Abd El Farrag’s parents are Ibrahim Abd El Farrag, who is Sudanese, and Uta Abd El Farrag who is also a German.

Nadja felt distant from her father, Ibrahim, for the final fifteen years of his life because he was reportedly a very tough man. Regarding her mother, Uta, not much is known.

Ibrahim was said to have left Sudan to study in German but ended up falling in love with Uta with whom they were blessed with two daughters.

They relocated back to Sudan but life in the country wasn’t that good for them so they had to rethink their decision and move back to stay in Germany permanently.

The cultural backgrounds of her parents—one is German and the other is from Sudan—reflect the varied ancestry that has influenced Nadja Abd El Farrag’s identity and upbringing.

Who Is Nadja Abd El Farrag’s Siblings?

Nadja is known to have a sister sibling whose name has been identified as Tamara but little information is known about her as she is very private and keeps away from the media and public.

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