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Myla Sinanaj before Popularity

Known as Fatmire Sinanaj, Myla Sinanaj is an American-born descendant of Albanian immigrants. Myla is an American citizen because her parents arrived in the country before she was born on January 1, 1987. In Ulster County, New York, in the city of Ellenville, she was born. Rutherford, New Jersey, is where she currently resides.

Myla had a tendency to be an attention-seeker since an early age. She tried everything to achieve fame since she wanted it so badly. After graduating from Ellenville High School, this chubby woman landed her first job at New York’s renowned Gansevoort Park Hotel. Let’s believe her because she said she managed a resort there. However, whatever position Myla Sinanaj held at the hotel, it was sure her jumping board to the star.

How Myla Sinanaj Became Famous?

Myla Sinanaj is best known for having been Kris Humphries’ ex-girlfriend, a basketball player who is more well-known for being Kim Kardashian’s ex than for his athletic prowess. Back then, he wouldn’t have have been as well-presented in the media if his marriage hadn’t lasted longer than two months (72 days precisely).

Kris was a tremendous catch at the time when he was the subject of media attention for someone like Myla. She was able to quickly capture his attention when they first met at the hotel where she worked because she strangely reminded him of Kim. She valued it highly and aspired to achieve fame similar to Kris’ ex-wife. And she did it (although unlike Kim, she didn’t wait for the news about Kris to do it).

Accusing Kim Kardashian of Fraud

Myla is volatile and utilizes any chance to bring up a well-known reality star for her five minutes of fame, despite her claims to the contrary. She said that while she was dating NFL star Reggie Bush in 2013, Kim and Kanye West had an affair.

Even though she wasn’t the first person to accuse Kim of being a con artist, Myla claimed to have proof, though she hasn’t yet made it public. We weren’t expecting it, even if there was some unconfirmed reports that Myla was penning a book about Kardashian.

Myla’s Career

Myla Sinanaj attempted to build a career without bringing up Kim Kardashian, but it doesn’t appear like she was very successful in doing so. Myla released her “artistic” pornographic film Anti Kim Kardashian XXX in 2013 with a “fellow actor” who strikingly resembles Kris Humphries not long after their breakup.

Myla Sinanaj Net Worth

Myla’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $200 thousand, according to sources.

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