Mining Engineering Salary In Ghana

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The mining sector keeps burgeoning and the major players within this industry are the mining engineers. Today, the focus is mainly going to be on the mining engineering salary in Ghana however, i will also throw light on the nature of the job or career as well. Keep reading to discover more about the mining engineering salary in Ghana and other related subject matters.

What Mining Engineering Is About

In other words, mining engineering can basically be termed as engineering related to mining. On the other hand, mining can also be defined as the act of extracting ores, coal and etc from the earth. Professionally, engineers are concerned about the designing and building of daedal products, machines, systems or structures. 

In essence, mining engineering is a descipline that involves the study of the extraction of ores, coal and etc from the earth. Other consociated disciplines of mining engineering are mineral processing, geotechnical engineering, surveying, excavation, geology and etc.

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Mining engineers therefore, plan and direct the engineering aspects of extracting ores, coal and etc. Again, mining engineers design, develop, operate and manage systems that aid in extracting, locating and carrying mineral resources.

How To Become A Mining Engineer

First and foremost, one has to acquire at least a bachelor’s degree from any accredited tertiary institution. Graduates must be abreast of courses such as mineral deposit and ore reserve modelling, rock fragmentation, rock mechanics, surface and underground mining, mineral economics, mine planning and design, mineral processing, principles of economics, mine management, operations research, economic development and planning.

Mining engineering graduates are capable of working in any mining company as surface or underground mining engineers, or equipment manufacturing and sales, and etc.

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Institutions Offering Mining Engineering Program In Ghana

One notable institution that offers Mining Engineering Program In Ghana is University Of Mines And Technology (Umat). 

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Mining Engineering Salary In Ghana

The mining engineering salary in Ghana is largely influenced by factors such as: educational level (qualifications), years of working experience and sometimes, gender. Though the mining engineering salary in Ghana falls within the range from GH¢ 2,140 to GH¢ 6,470, there is a breakdown of this figure.

Educational Level (Qualifications)

Obviously, likewise other sectors, higher level of education is directly proportional to higher salary. Therefore, in the case of mining engineering, expect workers with higher level of education to earn more money. Consequently, mine engineers who are Bachelor’s Degree Holders are expected to earn an average salary of GH¢ 2,970 per month. On the hand, mine engineers who are Master’s Degree Holders, take an average salary of GH¢ 5,260 per month.

Years Of Working Experience 

The longer the working experience of mine engineers, the higher the increase of their salaries. Commonsensically, a mine engineer with 15 years of working experience should earn a salary more than the one with just 5 years of working experience provided they have the same level of education qualifications. 


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Mine engineers with not more than two years of working experience, will take an average salary of GH¢ 2,400. Between two to five years working experience, mine engineers will earn an average salary of GH¢ 3,140. Between five to ten years; GH¢4,400. Between ten to fifteen years; GH¢ 5,280. Between fifteen to twenty years; GH¢ 5,740. Mine engineers with a working years experience of twenty and more, are expected to earn an average salary of GH¢ 6,190.


Crikey, this might be cryptic! Factually, gender plays a critical role when it comes to mining engineering salary in Ghana. Male mine engineers on average, take a salary which is 12% more than the female mine engineers.

That is the breakdown of mining engineering salary in Ghana.


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