Miguel Gobbo Diaz’s Parents: Full Details

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Miguel Gobbo Diaz can be described as a Dominican naturalized Italian actor. Miguel Gobbo Diaz is known to have been born on June 19, 1989. If June 19, 1989, is anything to go by, then it means that Miguel Gobbo Diaz, the actor is currently 34 years old.

It must be noted that Miguel Gobbo Diaz was born in Santa Domingo. However, when he was just three years old, his family moved to Italy. Little Miguel Gobbo Diaz grew up in Creazzo(VI). It must be known that Miguel Gobbo Diaz played in the Sovizzo Calico team till he attained the age of 16.

During the youthful days of Miguel Gobb Diaz, it is reported that he relocated to Rome and that is where he had some sort of education. He studied at the Experimental Center of Cinematography.

Subsequently, Miguel Gobbo Diaz acted and played some roles in some short films and films. In 2016, he landed the lead role in La grande rage. It needs to also be emphasized that Miguel Gobbo Diaz has been one of the main characters of Rai 1 TV series Nero a Mezzo.

He acts in the series alongside Claudio Amendola. Miguel Gobbo Diaz also played the role of Rico in the Netflix series titled Zero.
In the world of cinema, Miguel Gobbo Diaz was involved in Lions in 2015. It was directed by Pietro Parolin.

He was also part of The Great Anger which was directed by Claudio Fragasso in 2016. Apart from the Netflix Zero series, Miguel Gobbo Diaz is a character in the TV series titled Black In The Middle. He has been part of the series since 2018.

Miguel Gobbo Diaz Parents

In as much as the name of the father of Miguel Gobbo Diaz is currently not available, Miguel Gobbo Diaz indicates that he
works the land, he makes wine, potatoes, wheat, olives. Details about his mother are also not available.

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