Micol Incorvaia’s Parents: Full Details

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Micol Incorvaia is a young lady who was born on September 9, 1993. Micol Incorvaia was born in Pordenone in Friuli Venezia Giulia and it is reported that she moved with her family to Sicily and then to Agrigento.

While at Agrigento, Micol Incorvaia grew up together with her sister. Micol Incorvaia is known to have love for fashion and as such she attended the prestigious IED in Milan.

She served as a designer for Gentucca Bini and then from 2019, she worked as a showroom assistant in the Jijil Boutique. It must be noted that she also worked with Brunello Cucinelli, an Italian clothing brand.

It must be emphasized that Micol Incorvaia was invited to be part of the Big Brother VIP in November 2022 and as a matter of fact, her sister gave her tremendous support through social media.

As of now, there is no indication that Micol Incorvaia has a boyfriend. Most of the time, she publishes several photos on her Instagram page most of the time in the company of her friends and relatives and there is no trace of a boyfriend in her life. Micol Incorvaia is believed to be living in Milan.

Even though there is no information or indication to confirm that Micol Incorvaia may have a boyfriend, it is known that she once dated or had an affair with Edoardo Donnamaria, the face of Forum and also in the house of the GF VIP 2022.

It is reported that Micol Incorvaia and her sister look so alike. Micol Incorvaia participated in the prank orchestrated by Le Lene a Cliza, demonstrating ease Infront of the cameras.

It is also to be known that even though Micol Incorvaia had a driver’s license, for several years she was not driving. However, with the passage of time, she mustered the courage to get back on the road.

Micol Incorvaia’s Parents

Not much is known about the father of Micol Incorvaia. Her mother is however called Corinna Recca. The father of Micol Incorvaia used to own a small shop. Corinna Recca was a homemaker.

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