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Michael Cretu’s Biography, Wikipedia

Michael Cretu was born on May 18, 1957, and can be described as a Romanian-born German musician, composer and record producer. He became popular as the founder and musician behind the musical project Enigma which was set up in 1990. His musical career started in 1976 when he was a solo artist.

He released several albums and also wrote and produced albums for German pop singer Sandra, his wife at that time. Other artists he worked with include Peter Cornelius, Hubert Kah, and Mike Oldfield.

It must be noted that Michael Cretu’s Enigma has been able to sell an estimated 70 million albums worldwide and overall, he is said to have recorded 100 million copies worldwide according to his management company, Crocodile-Music.

Michael Cretu was born to a Romanian father and an Austrian mother. He is known to have learned to play the piano. He also studied classical music at Colegiul Tehnic Nr. 2 in Bucharest, followed by further study in Paris. Michael Cretu also studied at the Academy of Music in Frankfurt, and he graduated with a degree in musical composition in 1978.

He married Sandra on January 7, 1988, and they had twin sons born in July 1995. They however divorced in November 2007.

Some of the solo albums of Michael Cretu include 1979 – Moon, Light & Flowers (re-released in Germany in 1994 as : Ausgewählte Goldstücke), 1983 – Legionäre (English edition: Legionnaires) and 1985 – Die Chinesische Mauer (English edition: The Invisible Man). His solo singles also include 1978 – “Shadows Over My Head”, 1978 – “Wild River”, 1979 – “Moonlight Flower”, 1979 – “Love Me”, 1983 – “Total Normal”, 1983 – “Zeitlose Reise”, 1983 – “Der Planet der verlorenen Zeit”, 1983 – “Today, Today” and 1984 – “Schwarzer Engel”.
He has other collaborations and productions to his credit.

Michael Cretu’s Age, Birth Date

Michael Cretu was born on May 18, 1957. He is currently 65 years old.

Michael Cretu’s Parents

Michael Cretu was born to a Romanian father and an Austrian mother. Their names are not readily available.

Michael Cretu’s Height, Weight

His weight and height are not available.

Michael Cretu’s Net Worth

His net worth is pegged at $ 5 million

Michael Cretu’s Girlfriend, Wife, Children

He was said to be married to Sandra Ann Lauer. They got married on January 7, 1988, and they had twin sons. They divorced later.



Michael Cretu

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