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Meet Lori Harvey Siblings. June 2023

Lori Harvey is popularly known as the stepdaughter of Steve Harvey, a comedian, television host, producer, radio personality, actor, and an author. Besides, who are the siblings of Lori Harvey? This post gives you the details about all the siblings of Lori Harvey. 

About Lori Harvey

Lori Harvey was born in Memphis, Tennessee, United States on January 13, 1997. Her mother is called Marjorie Bridges, a fashion blogger and fashion designer. Reportedly, her biological father is Donnell Woods. 

Professionally, Lori Harvey is a model. She has walked on the ramp for Dolce & Gabbana, amongst different brands, during the Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks on several occasions.

In September 2017, Lori Harvey and Justin Combs’ brother, Christian Combs, got featured together on the ramp during one such event. 

List Of Lori Harvey Siblings

  • Morgan (Lori Harvey half sister)
  • Jason (Lori Harvey half brother)
  • Brandi (Lori Harvey Stepsister)
  • Karli (Lori Harvey Stepsister)
  • Wynton (Lori Harvey Stepbrother)

Details About Lori Harvey Siblings

Jason Harvey (Lori Harvey half brother)

Jason Harvey was born in Memphis, Tennessee, United States on August 27, 1991. His biological father and mother are Jim Townsend and Marjorie Harvey respectively. 

Jason Harvey is popularly known as the stepson of Steve Harvey, who adopted him after marrying Marjorie Harvey. 

Jason Harvey is married to Amanda Harvey. Their children are Rose Harvey, Ezra Harvey, Joey Harvey, Ezra Harvey and Noah Harvey. 

Professionally, Jason Harvey is fashion designer and, founder at Eden on Hus and Yevrah Shoes. 

Morgan Harvey (Lori Harvey half sister)

Morgan Harvey was born in Memphis, Tennessee, United States on June 1, 1985. Her biological mother and father are Marjorie Harvey and Darnell Woods respectively. However, she is well-known as the step daughter of Steve Harvey. 

Professionally, Morgan Harvey is a chef, cookbook author and food blogger. 

Brandi Harvey (Lori Harvey Stepsister)

Brandi Harvey was born in United States Of America on August 20, 1982. Her biological father is Steve Harvey. Also, her mother is known as Marcia Harvey. 

Professionally, Brandi Harvey is an executive, activist, a public speaker, author, and wellness coach. 

Karli Harvey (Lori Harvey Stepsister)

Karli Harvey was born in The United States, on August 20, 1982. Her father’s name is Steve Harvey. Also, her mother’s name is Marcia Harvey.

Professionally, she is a hairstylist, entrepreneur and, a public speaker.

Wynton Harvey (Lori Harvey Stepbrother)

Wynton was born in Dallas, Texas on July 18, 1997. His mother is called Mary Lee Harvey. Wynton is popularly known as the son of Steve Harvey.

Professionally, Wynton Harvey is a photographer and a model. 







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