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Mathias Wieman can be described as a German stage performer and silent-and-sound motion picture actor. Mathias Wieman was born on June 23, 1902, and was reported dead on December 3, 1969. He was born in Osnabrück to Carl Philipp Anton Wieman and his wife Louise.

Mathias Wieman was the only child of his parents and with respect to education, he was known to studied four terms of philosophy, history of art and languages. It must be noted that he had the intention of becoming an airplane technical designer and flier. Mathias Wieman’s career as a stage performer, silent-and-sound motion picture actor began in Berlin under the direction of Max Reinhardt at the Deutsches Theater.

He became part of Holtorf-Truppe. Holtorf-Truppe was a stock theater group that included future director Veit Harlan. Mathias Wieman was married to stage actress Erika Meingast and it is reported that they relocated to Switzerland after World War II. Mathias Wieman died in 1969 due to cancer and three years later, Erika Meingast also died.

Mathias Wieman and Erika Meingast were cremated and their ashes were buried in the Wieman family plot in the Johannesfriedhof cemetery in Osnabrück.

Some of the films to the credit of Mathias Wieman include A Free People (1925), Potsdam (1927), Der Sohn der Hagar (1927) as Dr. Friedlieb, Out of the Mist (1927) as Grigori, Mata Hari (1927) as Grigori, Queen Louise (1927) as King Frederick William III, Assassination (1927) as Irrsinniger, The Merry Farmer (1927) as son Stephan Reuther, The Runaway Girl (1928) as Vladimir Pekoff, ein Komponist, Under the Lantern (1928) as Hans Grote, Diary of a Coquette (1929) as Arzt, Land Without Women (1929) as American Physician, Love’s Carnival (1930) as Hans Rudorff – Leutnant, Storm over Mont Blanc (1930) as Walter Petersen, The Golden Anchor (1932) as Marcus sein Sohn, among others.

Mathias Wieman’s Biogrpahy, Wikipedia

Details about Mathias Wieman are available on Wikipedia.

Mathias Wieman’s Age, Birth Date

Mathias Wieman was born on June 23, 1902. He however died on December 3, 1969, at the age of 67 years.

Mathias Wieman’s Parents

Mathias Wieman  was born to Carl Philipp Anton Wieman and his wife Louise.

Mathias Wieman’s Height, Weight

Mathias Wieman’s height and weight are not available.

Mathias Wieman’s Net Worth

His net worth is pegged between $1 million and $ 5 million.

Mathias Wieman’s Girlfriend, Wife, Children

Mathias Wieman was married to Erika Meingast. She died three years after the death of Mathias Wieman.

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