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Marius Pancu is a famous Romanian journalist who is noted to be very dedicated to his work. He has an excellent career and he is an extremely well-known journalist. He has worked at Digi24 before but before then he worked with a newspaper located at Brașov and the newspaper was targeted at young people.

While a kid, Marius Pancu had so much love for journalism and he worked at several newsrooms within three years and was able to gain much-needed experience.

It must be noted that Marius Pancu started his journalism work at the age of 15. Concerning education, Marius Pancu attended the University of Bucharest.

He had his studies at the Faculty of Journalism and he was good with the Romanian language as well as other languages. Marius Pancu is able to speak Spanish, French and English very fluently.

At age 18, Marius Pancu had already worked as a reporter and TV presenter at TVRbut subsequently, he moved to Prima TV.

He also worked at Digi24 for about 10 years as a news anchor. He is currently with Observatorul Antenei 1 which got a lot of people surprised.

Many people were not expecting him to leave Digi 24. He earns about 5,000 euros at Observatorul Antenei 1 Marius Pancu is also interested in sports and spends time in the gym to keep fit. He also likes to travel and engage in reading.Marius Pancu stands at 1.92 meters.

Marius Pancu Girlfriend

The girlfriend of Marius Pancu is not known especially as he loves to keep his private life out of the public space.

He is noted to have been in some relationships but the identities of the ladies involved are not known.

Marius Pancu is only concerned about getting the attention of the public with respect to his professional achievements but not through his relationships.

Marius Pancu Speaks To Cristina Stănciulescu

In an interview with Cristina Stănciulescu, Marius Pancu recounts that his journalism career started when he got the chance to participate in a debate on National Television.

Through the participation in the debate, a producer recruited him to be a co-presenter of the show. He was given a column called ‘The Leisure Column’ to present.

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