Marian Iancu Wealth: Full Details

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Marian Iancu was born on July 11, 1965, and can be described as a Romanian business man. He was the President of Balkan Petroleum, which is an oil company and also a former president of the FC Timișoara club.

Marian Iancu is popularly known in Bucharest as “The Elephant”. It must be noted that Marian Iancu bought FC Timișoara in the winter of 2005 from former international Anton Doboș.

Over a period of six years, he spent almost 21.5 million euros in the purchase of 101 players. Quite unfortunately, Marian Iancu on November 27, 2011, was sentenced to 10 years in prison due to the Rafo case by the Bucharest Court.

In the same case that landed Marian Iancu in jail, the likes of lexandru Marian Iancu, Constantin Mărgărit, Octavian Iancu, Gheorghiță Iancu, Marius Turică, Silviu Neacșu, Akaroglu Cuneyt, Elenkalan Hayrettin and Basaran Kadri Mazhar were also involved.

They were tried for money laundering, tax evasion as well as association to commit crimes. Even though Marian Iancu appealed against the 10-year imprisonment, the Bucharest Court of Appeal sentenced him to 14 years in prison on June 8, 2015, in the so-called RAFO-VGB case.

Businessman, Ovidiu Tender was also sentenced to 12 years and 7 months in prison in that same case.

Both Marian Iancu and Ovidiu Tender were convicted of illegally taking over Carom in 2003 and defrauding the company of some 140 million lei (some 31 million euros). It was reported that the money was laundered through a complicated financial system.

Marian Iancu Wealth

According to, the net worth of Marian Iancu should be between $! million and $6 million.

Https:// also indicates that the net worth of Marian Iancu is about $3.29 million.

He is currently 58 years old. He has had studies in economics, finance and banking. Even though he was born in Romania, he lived abroad until he was nine years old due to the work of his parents.

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