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German physician and television actress Maria Furtwängler-Burda was born on September 13, 1966. Furtwängler is not only a renowned actress but also a philanthropist, doctor, and advocate for social causes.

Early Life and Education

Maria Furtwängler was raised in an academic and artistically inclined family. Her mother, Kathrin Ackermann, was an actress; her father, Bernhard Furtwängler, was a well-known physician. Despite her early exposure to the world of entertainment, Maria was determined to pursue higher education. She studied medicine at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and graduated as a medical doctor.


Maria Furtwängler started her acting career at an early age. She had several film and television appearances in the 1980s, gradually establishing herself as a gifted actor. But it was her portrayal of Dr. Franziska Beck in the enduring German television series “Tatort” that made her a household name. Her performance as the forensic pathologist enthralled viewers and brought her a great deal of praise.

Apart from her involvement in “Tatort,” Furtwängler has portrayed a variety of characters in TV shows and movies. Her reputation as one of Germany’s most renowned actors has been established by her ability to play a variety of roles with ease.

Although her acting career may be well-known, Maria Furtwängler’s medical background plays a vital role in who she is. She continues to be dedicated to her medical profession and is employed at the Hohenlind Clinic in Cologne as an assistant physician in neurology.

Beyond her achievements in the entertainment and medical industries, Maria Furtwängler is a philanthropist and an advocate for several humanitarian concerns. She has participated in campaigns about women’s rights, healthcare, and education. Furtwängler’s dedication to creating a constructive influence is evident in her real-world and on-screen actions, which further demonstrate her strong sense of social duty.

In 2007, she co-founded the MaLisa Foundation, which focuses on supporting projects in the fields of education, culture, and health. The foundation’s work reflects Furtwängler’s belief in using her influence to create positive change and contribute to the betterment of society.

Who is Maria Furtwängler’s Husband?

Hubert Burda is the husband of Maria Furtwängler. Hubert is a billionaire publisher and the CEO of Hubert Burda Media.  They got married on 8 November 1991 and have two children, Jakobb and Elizabeth.


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