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German actress, presenter, dancer, performer, and writer Margot Elisabeth Ebert had a profound influence on the entertainment industry.

Early Life and Career

Margot Ebert was born on June 8, 1926, in Magdeburg, Saxony, Germany. She was born in a different country but spent her formative years in Hamburg, a thriving northern port city. As soon as she left for her first stage performance in Erfurt, she started her path into the entertainment industry.

Margot Ebert joined the first wave of pioneering broadcasters for the newly founded East German DFF (Deutscher Fernsehfunk or National Television Broadcaster) in 1952. She worked on a variety of television broadcasts at DFF that were created in the specialized Adlershof television facility. Ebert was a great actress who appeared in several well-known television series in addition to being a good presenter. She won over audiences fast, earning recurrent votes as a “Television favorite” in the yearly “Television favorites” survey.

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One of her most cherished contributions was her yearly co-hosting of the two-hour Christmas television song and dance spectacular known as “Between Breakfast and Roast Goose.” On the first day of Christmas, this unique show, which aired between 11 and 1, became a beloved tradition for many. From 1957 through 1991, except in 1984, Margot Ebert co-hosted the program with Heinz Quermann. The audience was forever changed by her magnetic presence on television during these happy times.

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The tragic-comedy television series “Maxe Baumann,” which ran from 1976 to 1982, provided Margot Ebert with another opportunity to demonstrate her versatility. Her exemplary work in comedic and tragic parts solidified her reputation as a cherished star of East German television.

Personal Life

Margot Ebert continued to live in Berlin, where she established a life and a profession filled with creativity and accomplishment, and was married to actor Wilfried Ortmann until he died in 1994.

What was Margot Ebert’s Cause of Death?

Sadly, in June 2009 Margot Ebert suddenly ended her own life by taking an overdose of drugs, which had a severe impact on her life.

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She had a tremendous career and a life that had touched many people’s hearts with her skill and enticing television presence, and her demise signaled the end of both. Those who valued Margot Elisabeth Ebert’s work continue to remember and honor her contributions to German entertainment and television.

Margot Ebert’s legacy endures through the memories of her captivating performances and her significant influence on the world of television and entertainment.


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