Manfred Poschenreider Cause of Death: Full Details

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Manfred Poschenreider was a German motorcycle track racer. He was born on March 31, 1938. It is known that Manfred Poschenreider drove on grass tracks, sand tracks as well as shorter speedway tracks.

He was Germany’s most successful driver on sand tracks in the 1960s. He had three European championship titles to his credit; he won the titles in 1966, 1967 and 1968. The career of Manfred Poschenreider was known to have commenced in 1953.

He was part of the youth and junior classes before he got the opportunity to travel out of her country in 1959 and beyond. Manfred Poschenreider was in the finals of the continental Speedway World Championships in the mid-1960s.

Unfortunately, he failed to make it to the Speedway World Championship finals. In spite of the fact that he had the chance to sign a contract that would allow him to have a professional career in the British Speedway League, he turned the offer down.

He achieved two runner-up finishes at the Long Track World Championship.
Manfred Poschenreider also had a bronze medal at the Long Track World Championship. He brought his career to an end in 1976. Manfred Poschenreider was honored by Federal President Gustav Heineman on October 1, 1971, Silver Laurel Leaf Award.

Manfred Poschenreider Cause of Death

Manfred Poschenreider is said to have died on September 11, 2023. He was 85 years old. The cause of death of Manfred Poschenreider is currently unknown.


Some of the European Finals that Manfred Poschenreider competed in include 1961 Oslo (4th) 3pts, 1962 Mühldorf (5th) 12pts, 1963 Malmö (Third) 10pts, 1964 Scheeßel (Third) 10pts, 1965 Qualifying Round, 1966 Mühldorf (Champion) 15pts, 1967 Scheeßel (Champion) 13pts and 1968 Mühldorf (Champion) 10pts.

He was also present at 1971 Oslo (Second) 26pts, 1972 Mühldorf (Second) 23pts, 1973 Oslo (Third) 20pts, 1974 Scheeßel (9th) 10pts and 1975 Gornja Radgona (10th) 9pts so far as World Finals are concerned.

So far as the West Germany Long Track Championship is concerned, he took part in the following; 1967 Munich (Second), 1968 Jubek (Champion), 1969 Vilshofen (Champion), 1971 Jubek (First), 1972 Pfarrkirchen (Third) and 1973 Ludinghausen (Second).

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