Maddalena Corvaglia Fiancée. All you need to know

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Maddalena Corvaglia is a well-known Italian showgirl and television presenter who was born in Galatina, Italy, on January 12, 1980. She has had a varied and prosperous career in the entertainment sector.

Early Life

Maddalena, who was raised in a family that influenced her foundation, was born in Presicce, in the southern region of Salento. Her father, lawyer Salvatore, tragically died in 1995, and her mother, Maria Isabella, was employed as a support teacher. Maddalena was raised in the thriving town of Galatina and went on to graduate from Casarano’s Dante Alighieri Classical High School.


Maddalena’s journey into the limelight began at the age of 17 when she participated, as a reserve, in the Miss Italia 1997 competition, earning the title of Miss Wella Umbria.

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After graduating, Maddalena entered the casting for the blonde showgirl in the renowned program “Striscia la notizia.” In 1999, she was selected to join Elisabetta Canalis, and for three years, the duo became the charismatic “online,” entertaining audiences and leaving an indelible mark on the show.

Following her stint on “Striscia la notizia,” Maddalena delved into various television projects. Alongside Miguel Bosé, she co-hosted the musical reality show “Operation Trionfo.” She also broadened her television experience by co-hosting Davide Mengacci’s “La Domenica del Villaggio” and “Mandi and Maddy Candid Camera Club.”

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Maddalena and Elisabetta Canalis co-hosted “Striscia la Notizia” on Canale 5 for a week in 2005. She dabbled with radio throughout the years, anchoring “Scalo 76” on Rai 2 in 2008 and serving as a frequent commentator on “L’Arena,” a chat show, from 2009 to 2011.

Maddalena’s talent wasn’t confined to traditional television. She participated in the reality talent show “Jump! Tonight I Dive” in 2013, showcasing her diverse skills. Moreover, her victory in the talent show “Lei Si Can Fare!” in 2014 highlighted her exceptional abilities in aerial fabrics and pole dancing.

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Who is Maddalena Corvaglia Fiancee?

Maddalena Corvaglia had a notable relationship with Enzo Iacchetti from 2002 to 2007. In 2011, she married Stef Burns, the guitarist of Vasco Rossi’s band, and the couple welcomed a daughter, Jamie Carlyn Birnbaum, in September of the same year.

Currently, there is no information about Maddalena’s fiancée. According to our research, Maddalena is not engaged to anyone and she is possibly single.


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