Long Span Roofing Sheet Price In Ghana. Full Details

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In this post, I am going to take you through long span roofing sheet prices in Ghana, where to buy them and the necessary contact details to get in touch with the dealers. 

Long span roof is a roll-formed roof made from hot-dip galvanized cold rolled mild steel. The housing industry standard roofing profile, this covers a larger area compared to its corrugated ancestor. Commonly called Long Span because it has the longest (widest) coverage; sometimes called Rib because it has rows of raised lines.

In this day and age, where tools are readily available, machines can be rented, and roofers are more skilled? By choosing this design, you can save money on materials while also saving money on labour.

After short span roofing sheets, long span roofing sheets are now the most popular roofing sheet in Ghana, whereas stone tiles or metro tiles are reserved for the wealthy due to their exorbitant purchase and installation costs.

The name says it all, long span roofing sheets are relatively durable for those with a modest budget. Many prefer to start small then later go for the more expensive stone tile or metro tile roofing sheets. 

In Ghana, Long span roofing sheets comes in two forms the Aluzinc and the pre-coated aluminium standard sheets.

Among the two Aluminium roofing sheets are amongst the most common in Ghana. 

Long Span Roofing Sheet Price In Ghana

The table below shows the current price of long span roofing sheets in Ghana brought to you kind courtesy of Domod Roof. 

To estimate how much it will cost to a project you can contact Domod roof on 0244338002/ 0244 333 700

Material  Thickness and Length Number of pieces  Prices
Aluminium  0.50mm x 875mm x 2.45m 

0.60mm x 875mm x 2.45m



GHC 3,038.49 

GHC 3,739.68

Aluzinc 0.40mm x 875mm x 2.45m 

0.45mm x  875mm x2.45m



GHC 2,921.63 

GHC 3,096.92


Where to buy Long Span Roofing Sheets In Accra 

Below is the list and contact details of some of the suppliers of long span roofing sheets in Accra, Ghana. 

Asangod Roofing Systems Limited

Address: N/A

Website: asangod.com

Contact details: N/A

Domod Roof Limited

Address: Ring Road, Agbogbloshie Rd, Accra

Contact details: 0244338002/ 0244 333 700

Rocksters Roofing System Limited

Address: Taifa Junction OFF ACCRA NSAWAM N1

Contact details: 024 369 0402

Dophil Roofing Systems

Address: Mempeasem, Trinity Ave, Accra

Contact details: 054 366 1716

Raincoat Roofing Systems Ltd

Address: Second Palace Link, Accra

Contact details: 030 223 4646

Metalex Group

Address: Spintex rd, Adjacent l’ oreal, Accra

Contact details: 030 281 0930

Steelco Roofing Ltd

Address: Opposite Gridco, Tema

Contact details: 054 011 8268


Address: Commercial Rd, Accra

Contact details: 020 707 1572

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