Lia Mitrou Ex-Boyfriend: Full Details

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Interested in knowing about the ex-boyfriend of Lia Mitrou? Did Lia Mitrou have a baby with her ex-boyfriend? Is Lia Mitrou in a relationship?

Read on as we provide answers to these questions and more in the subsequent paragraphs.

Who Is Lia Mitrou?

Lia Mitrou is a German-Greek model and influencer born in 1997 in Karlsruhe, Germany. She has gained a lot of fame online through her various social media handles.

However, before gaining fame and becoming a model, Lia Mitrou trained as a hotel manager and went on work in gastronomy.

Despite gaining fame through her work as an influencer and model, not much is known about her past. Her educational and family background has been a mystery.

Her relationship with Jens “Knossi” Knossalla has also increased her popularity. As we speak, she has managed to amass over 216,000 followers on her verified Instagram account with the handle @passimitrou.

Who Is Lia Mitrou Ex-Boyfriend?

The love life of Lia Mitrou before meeting Jens Knossi Knossalla is not known. Her popularity increased after she started dating him in 2020.

They met for the first time in September 2020, shortly after Knossi separated from his ex-wife. Despite the age difference between them, the two are ready and willing to make sure their relationship works.

Fans of Knossi were initially against their relationship. However, with time, they have come to accept her as the new partner of the famous entertainer

After dating for nearly three years, the two decided to become husband and wife in July 2023.

Did Lia Mitrou Have A Baby With Her Ex-Boyfriend?

No. Lia Mitrou did not have any kids with her ex-boyfriend. From our checks, she does not have any kids yet.

It seems she is in no rush to have kids now since she still has a lot of time ahead of her before hitting menopause. However, now that she is married to Jens Knossalla, it’s only a matter of time for her to begin to have her kids.

Her husband on the other hand has a child from his previous marriage

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