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German actress Ulrike Folkerts is well-known for her ability to play a variety of roles and for being forthright about her sexual orientation. She is an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and has made significant literary contributions in addition to her successful acting career.

Early Life

Ulrike Folkerts, who was born in Kassel, Germany, on May 14, 1961, showed an early interest in acting. She pursued her passion for the performing arts by enrolling in classes at Stuttgart’s University of Music and Performing Arts. When she started performing in theater productions, her career started to take shape. From there, she gradually moved into film and television.

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Ulrike Folkerts is best known for her role as Lena Odenthal, a detective in the long-running German TV series “Tatort” (Crime Scene).

She played this iconic role for twenty years, from 1989 to 2021, making her the longest-tenured female detective in the show. Both critics and viewers were won over by her excellent performances and dedication to the part.

In addition to her work as Lena Odenthal, Folkerts has played a number of different roles in theater, movies, and television. She was able to portray a variety of roles thanks to her versatility as an actress, which brought her recognition from the public and from the critics.

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Ulrike Folkerts’ candor regarding her sexual orientation is among her best professional qualities. She has always identified as a lesbian and has used her platform to promote LGBTQ+ rights. Folkerts has become an inspiration to many because of her choice to live authentically and her support for LGBTQ+ inclusion in the entertainment industry.

Ulrike Folkerts is a gifted athlete in addition to being a talented actress. She took part in the Gay Games in Sydney, Australia, in 2002. She displayed her athletic prowess by taking home two medals in the swimming relay: silver and bronze. Despite her victories, a false start in the single competition caused her to suffer a slight setback.

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Ulrike Folkerts has made a name for herself as an author in addition to her accomplishments in acting and sports. She released her autobiography, which included details about her life and career, as her first book in 2005.

Later, in October 2008, she and her partner Katherina Schnitzler co-wrote the book “Glück gefunden” (Happiness Found). This book provided a window into their relationship by sharing their experiences and journey together.

How old is Lena Odenthal?

Lena Odenthal was born on 14 May, 1961. As of 2023, Lena is 62 years of age.




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