Lena Klenke Boyfriend. Is she married?

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German actress Lena Klenke was born in Munich on December 25, 1995. Her skill and charm on screen have made her well-known in the film industry. Klenke’s career, which began at an early age, has gained recognition for the variety of parts she has played and the popular television shows and movies she has contributed to.


In the film “The Last Silence,” directed by Baran bo Odar, Lena Klenke made her film debut at the early age of 13. The film launched Klenke’s career in the film industry and was awarded the 2010 Hessian Film Prize.

But what made her famous was how she portrayed Laura Schnabelstedt in the wildly popular “Fack ju Göhte” film trilogy (2013, 2015, and 2017). Klenke won over fans with her comic talent and acting skills thanks to this trilogy.

Her career took a further turn in 2015 when she landed parts in two highly regarded and critically appreciated films: Sebastian Schipper’s “Victoria” and Frieder Wittich’s “Beck’s Last Summer.”

Lena Klenke put her schooling first even though her career in cinema was taking off. After completing her studies in sociology at the Carl-von-Ossietzky-Gymnasium in Berlin in 2014, she set off on an academic odyssey.

With movies like Hanno Olderdissen’s “Rock My Heart” (2017) and Lars Kraume’s “The Silent Classroom” (2018), Klenke kept making significant contributions to the film industry. Her ability to play a variety of characters in different genres was demonstrated by these ventures.

Lena Klenke has been mesmerizing viewers in the Netflix series “How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)” since May 2019. She plays one of the key parts. Her role in the series demonstrated even more how skillfully she could move between cinema and television.

Taking on the part of Swintha in “GRËUL” by Stuart Kummer and Edgar Linscheid, Klenke made her radio drama debut in October 2022.

Klenke embraced the realm of music videos rather than sticking to conventional acting jobs. She performed as the lead in the music video for the rapper Casper’s song “Sowas von da” (wide awake) in 2023, demonstrating her adaptability to many visual narrative formats.

Who is Lena Klenke’s Boyfriend?

There is no information about Lena’s personal life. It seems she keeps her relationship out of the public,





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