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On August 22, 1994, Jacopo Lazzarini, better known by his stage name Lazza, was born in the bustling Calvairate area of Milan. His progression as a musician and creative talent is demonstrated by his path from studying piano at the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory to becoming an innovative Italian rapper, vocalist, and record producer.

Early Life

Lazza’s early love of music was evident when he studied piano at Milan’s esteemed Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory. His distinctive style of music, which blends traditional inspirations with modern hip-hop sounds, was made possible by his classical schooling.

Lazza embraced hip-hop culture and joined the collectives Blocco Recordz and Zero2, fully immersing himself in the vibrant Italian hip-hop scene. His skill soon became apparent, and in 2009 he was invited to take part in the famous Italian hip-hop festival Tecniche Perfette.


Lazza made his musical debut in 2012 with the release of his debut mixtape album, “Destiny Mixtape.” The second mixtape, “K1 Mixtape,” which DJ Telaviv of Blocco Recordz created in 2014, came next. Working on hits like “Bestie” and “Bella Idea” with well-known artists like Emis Killa strengthened Lazza’s position in the business.

The release of Lazza’s debut studio album, “Zzala,” occurred on April 14, 2017. This album represented a radical change in sound, fusing elements of classical piano with trap music. Songs like “MOB” and “Lario” put Lazza on the map because they were platinum-certified and demonstrated his versatility.

The following Zzala Tour confirmed his ability to captivate a wide range of audiences.Lazza released “Re Mida” in 2019 to build on the popularity of his first studio album. His musical approach had a major transition with this album, completely embracing the trap genre. Following chart-topping success and platinum certification, Lazza’s standing as a prominent figure in Italian rap was solidified.

Two re-releases of “Re Mida” in October 2019, featuring previously unreleased tracks and piano solo arrangements, demonstrated Lazza’s commitment to artistic exploration.In July 2020, Lazza dropped the third mixtape titled “J,” featuring collaborations with notable Italian rappers such as Capo Plaza, Tha Supreme, Guè Pequeno, and more. The mixtape showcased Lazza’s ability to seamlessly collaborate with diverse talents while maintaining his signature sound.

Lazza’s third studio album, “Sirio,” was released on April 8, 2022. This album was certified double platinum in addition to peaking at the top of the Classifica FIMI Artisti at release.

Remarkably, “Sirio” became the album that topped the FIMI Albums Chart for the longest period in the previous ten years, having done so for 14 weeks in a row.

Lazza’s participation at the esteemed Sanremo Music Festival 2023 was another significant achievement in his musical career. His submission, “Cenere,” wowed the crowd and earned him an incredible second-place result.

Who are Lazza Singer’s Parents?

There is no information about the Lazza parents. It seems he keeps his parents out of the public.


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