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We bring you the price of lavet feminine wash, where to buy it and how to use. You’ll also be educated on the health benefits of lavet femine wash.

Let’s get started.

What is lavet feminine wash?

Several Health Authorizing Bodies have confirmed that the Natural Ingredients in LAVET Feminine Hygiene Wash treat Yeast Infections and contract the vaginal muscles.

It has also been shown to increase a woman’s sensitivity, resulting in better sex and more intense orgasms, while restoring vaginal suppleness.

LAVET Serum is an extract from a proprietary blend of herbs that is extremely safe for the treatment of vaginal inflammations and irritations.

It prevents vaginal dryness while simultaneously tightening the vaginal walls. It eliminates itches, scratches, and inflammations.

Price of lavet feminine wash

The average price of lavet feminine was is GHS 80.00. However, prices may vary amongst different suppliers/distributors.

Where to buy lavet feminine wash

You can purchase this amazing feminine wash from any accredited distributor or pharmacy near you. Alternatively, you can visit pharmacy stores online to make a purchase.


How lavet femine wash works

The antimicrobial property of LAVET eliminates offensive odors. The Herbal liquid restores the God-given natural feminine juices and flora, making the Lady more attractive to her partner.

It prevents vaginal walls from becoming loose and sagging and enhances the vagina’s grip on the male organ.

By acting as a natural lubricant, it combats vaginal dryness, prevents yeast infections, enhances sexual pleasure, and improves overall vaginal health. I

t is also a treatment for Leucorrhoea, an excessive white and yellow vaginal discharge. It reverses the process of vaginal sagging and aging.

It bolsters, fortifies, and tightens the muscle tone and elasticity of the passageway.

Lavet Feminine Wash Questions and Answers

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”Can feminine wash be used every day?” answer-0=” A feminine wash, also known as an intimate wash, is used to maintain impeccable genital cleanliness. It must be utilized daily, at least once per day. Typical soaps and shower gels are typically too harsh for the vaginal area.” image-0=”” count=”1″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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